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Front of Store Attendant
Apr 19, 2012
I was checking out a guest (I was cashier today) and as I was reaching the end of her items she was looking around and asked her: "Mam can I help you find something?"

She asked where the gift cards were. I told her "Of course mam. On the top of my check lane above the gum right here." *point

She picks it up, puts 25 dollars on it. She then tells me to use it on the folks behind her in line. I assumed they knew each other or were at least related. So, I didn't question it at the time. Turned out to be total strangers. Amazing act of random human kindness rarely seen at my store. Kind of a pay it forward thing I wonder. They took it that way. When I told them about it they were shocked and elated, they wanted to thank the woman but she had already left the building by the time I asked if what there relation was with the nice woman in front of them was. I was dumbfounded and felt faith in humanity for once in a long time... Amazing.....
At my store, guests do that all the time with the Catalina coupons that they don't want, but I've never had a guest do that with a gift card. That is awesome!
I had a guest do it with one of the instant $5 gift cards last week, come to think of it.
I had something like that happen a couple of years ago, I honestly teared up a little bit. But I had a guest actually buy this hadicapped person (she has no legs and her arms particle control over her hands) entire order. Not like it was a large order or anything but it was at least a weeks worth of meals for her and her three children.
Man, I thought I was being nice when I spotted an old woman 3 cents the other day. :p

Every now and then you'll come across that one really nice guest. I agree with Retail Girl. If I had the money, I would love to be able to do that.
One of our cashiers is pregnant & was trying to work up to her due date when she was put on bed rest for the last 2 weeks. One of the GSAs got together with other front end folk & they baked casseroles, side dishes, etc & took them over to her house so her husband didn't have to worry about dinners.
Yeh, leadership seldom does anything because they don't want to be accused of 'forcing ' people to help (eye roll) but there are enough of us who were raised in the craft of helping out folks.
When a SLTM lost her mom, she found herself hosting a hoard of relatives coming in for the funeral with no help from her brothers or sisters-in-law so a couple of TMs set up sign-up sheets for reception foods, took it over & help set up during the funeral, even staying to clean up afterwards.
I'd say this is one of the things that makes my store good.
Once I went to FA and was gonna grab the only pizza, but a guest was talking to her daughter about getting it, so I didn't. I think the daughter said no, so I grabbed it, but then she said yes so I offered it to them. They made me take it and then when I went to pay, I didn't have my wallet. She then insisted on paying for it and buying me a drink. I tried to decline, but she wasn't having it! It's probably not BP, but whatever. time I spotted a woman a pack of newports and she bought me a pack of cigarettes two weeks later. does that count?
True story: I was checking out a middle-aged woman about a month ago -- as her tab reached $70, she told me to stop scanning because that was her top limit. Then none of her credit cards were accepted, she was totally flustered and distraught. The frazzled guest asked if I could wait a few minutes so she could try again, said maybe her bank delayed a deposit that might now have cleared. More guests were getting in line, but the woman immediately behind her seemed to be not the least bit impatient. As I was about to suspend the out-of-sorts woman's tab & send her to GS, the well-dressed older woman behind her stepped forward and said she'd cover her bill--and even told me to scan the extra items the woman had held back. Final tab: $83+change. The guest was in stunned disbelief, practically speechless & began to cry. The older woman said "I like to give to charity, but I never know if the $ makes a difference for anyone. Here I can see a face & know I was able to help someone. We've all been there," she said. Made my day/week/month!
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