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Jun 21, 2011
Our store is currently in the remodel process, which has truly been painful at times. We're slated for an October finish and we're supposed to hiring a PFresh Assistant. I know it's a pay grade N09/PG09, it deals with ordering product and filling product, but what else does the position entail? Specifically, what are the typical hours and hours worked per week? Thanks!
At our store they get 30-40 hours since they act as the TL's even when the TL is there since he is busy with SPs , vendors , and seasonal.
Hard work & good hours. If you like detail & time work, go for it!
It's a great place to learn alot. IMO!
it a position that keeps you on your feet...
leadership is definite must, if you are interested in being a tl one day i think you should go for it but here the round up
you do in a basic day without a fdc truck, you come in at 6:00 am
- deep cull
-tpc anything that is about to expire the next day or that you feel is not selling fast enough by following the 4-7-7 rule, on meat you will put coupon on what will be expiring the next day and making sure nothing that you tpc or coupon goes over 50percent
-then after your created your tpc(sales) you create signs, then you scan you signs in and then you put the up...
-by this time the backroom tm should be starting pull the 7:30 pro,meat batch, then you fill the floor ....anything that did not come out of the 7:30 batch remember on bakery and deli item only stock the amount that you think it would sell around it particular shelf life...because the caf system will pull the entire shelf capacity...
so after you work your produce/meat/bakery/deli batch you will see that their are items that did caf system did not pull create a grocery list of items that your are out of stock or almost hitting a critical low. So the floor should be fill by 9:30am and then you will call the LOD and do the first 90 days sales walk in which it consist of walking the whole pfresh area and making sure its green.
- you will then do the follow up items then you will focus on entire grocery, sales planners, cafs, stray, vendors that are out of stock, etc.

anyways more on the job. the most important thing is ordering ...
now the first 90 days you have a free period..well more like the first month...your food bp will basically give you a free period where you can over order to be intock...but remember order to be fresh until your next truck delivery..produce start to go bad as soon as it hits the shelf... as it get closer to your 90 days you will do a presentation in which everyone from food bp to group leader will visit the store and you basically have to present you business...(pfresh area) by that time your order index score should be close to 100- try to shoot for in between 100-110,..never below 100 because that means you are under ordering ..and never over 110 because that means you are over ordering and you are basically throwing away product....remember if you order 100 bananas you sell 100 bananas.

and on top of that you have to stay with your daily cleaning routines in order to get a green food safety visit.

you do have a lot of support help. their is pfresh support help from super t's but its only to get you started after that is all on you and your ctl...

it keeps me busy and definitely more added workload to which i already had but it worth it. currently im the ctl and we've being pfresh since july 20 my pfresh assistant loves it , he said its hardwork and i know because i do it the days his off but its great... because with those items you are actually in charge of the in stock like if i am out of bananas i can blame myself for not ordering enough for the guest..where as if i am out of ipads i blame target for not sending enough to the the store to support demand...
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