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First --

"Ptomaine poisoning"An early theory on the causes of food poisoning involved ptomaines (from Greek ptōma, "fall, fallen body, corpse"), alkaloids found in decaying animal and vegetable matter. While some alkaloids do cause poisoning, the discovery of bacteria left the ptomaine theory obsolete, though as recently as 1882 the ptomaine was thought of as bacteria, while cadaverine and putrescine "special alkaloids" produced by the "comma bacillus".

So where on the same petri dish --

Ptomaine Ave. is where to go in your store for coffee - and sodas -- ever see the inside of an slightly used water filter -- when I cracked these open -- one had gelatinous green-ish goo leak out of it --


Ever see the water trouth where the water is chilled before ice is made -- green algae --

Ever see the moldy food in the pizza or bread ovens - even at high temps it looks like penicillin --

Ever take an hand held ultraviolet light and shine it into a food ave cooler

Ever wonder what happens when a team member there sneezes in their hand --

Ever wonder why the soap dispenser near the "hand wash only sink" only needs to be filled once a month --

Ever see the cleaning crew dump the mop water in the hand wash sink --

Ever wonder why there's a national contract for exterminators --

Ever wonder what those little cardboard boxes are under the counters with the open ends --

Ever see little tinny raisin like thingies under the counters --

Ever actually look under a table top where the germ spreaders sit --

Ever see a parent change their off springs diaper on a table --

Ever see a team member run right to the table run to clean it with disinfectant --

Ever see a guest puke --- and its mopped down with just water --

Ever wonder about that bug zapper thingies is on the wall - the exterminator guy"Should" take the sticky cards out of and "IF" the lamps are working --

Ever wonder why anytime food ave. is criticized - an ETL will fight to the death defending it --

Ever wonder why Pizza Hut leaves / Taco Bell leaves / Starbucks leaves -- really I'd like to know this ?

Should I go on ?
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I never eat there since we stopped having actual food,occasionally I get water there but you have just put a sudden end to that practice........and yes I have seen diaper changing on the tables but I thought that was just a local habit.Happy eating I am off to rinse out my mouth.
I know how hard they work to keep things up to speck at our TC and I still don't eat there.
Worked in the biz for too many years and know far too many of the things that can go wrong.
>MFW when I get a lesson in ptomaine poisoning, and then see 'trough' 'wonder' and 'mopped' spelled wrong.View attachment 233

Thank you for being the resident grammar nazi - I made the correction's - and even gave you a karma vote :declare:

If you knew where I went to scool you'd understand ---

PS - Dr. -- here's a new avatar I found for ya

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