Archived Retro Downy/Tide/Bounce Checklane Endcap

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Jun 11, 2011
Has anyone noticed how well the the retro Bounce/Downy/Tide sold down? Even at clearance they seem to be slow moving.
I'm a bit confused with the question... are you saying the retro look is selling better than the normal one, even at clearance?
I am not sure how well the contemporary counterparts sold. I am just asking about the retro versions.
Ah. So sold down = not selling?

But, yeah. Most people still bought the non-retro tide/downy/etc. Don't blame them, really.

retro!Tide kind of hurts my eyes.
retro!Downy is just creepy.
I think retro!Bounce was the best out of the lot.
Ah, I feed better. I was thinking it was due to the placement of the merchandise. :)
When shoppers are conditioned to buy "new & improved" retro is a major step back.

Especially when it comes to cleaning products that really HAVE improved over the years.

Another dumb decision by the brains at top.
Ah. So sold down = not selling?

I was under the impression that selling down means merchandise is moving out the doors. See crude illustration. I could be totally off base.
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