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SCO nervous

Jul 5, 2018
You're supposed to be as engaging with SCO Guests as you are at the checklanes if you follow the "Guest Obsessed" guidelines. I think that's stupid because people (other than Karen who goes there to bitch out loud about "having" to use self checkout when there are 671,952 lanes open) usually go there to be left alone.
But my ETL-SE has this whole checklist of all the things we're supposed to say and bring attention to while working SCO.

I hate it.
Oh my goodness, this is absolutely spot on. I'm supposed to mention my name, Target Circle the RedCard, and the surveys to every guest while also walking back-and-forth to make sure all the items are being scanned and taking off any security devices or spider-wrap, not to mention watching the checklanes and calling a SETL if any of the lights start blinking for assistance.
It can be really overwhelming to the point that one of the front-end team members is giving up all of her self-checkout shifts because she feels so strongly about not wanting to be scheduled there.


Master NCR Torture Device Operator
May 31, 2018
No? Don’t want that? How about 1% back with target circle?
I say we take the Kroger or Albertson's/Tom Thumb/Safeway/Simon David approach with everything on the shelf and price it as "$1.00 // $0.95 with your RedCard" and that'll boost our RedCard numbers.

OR! We can go full anarchists and price everything on the shelf at 95% its actual price and if you DO NOT have a RedCard, once we hit Total, there's a 5% price hike immediately for not using a RedCard!