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Jun 10, 2011
In New York State, we have this law called the Super Refund Law. What it basically says is that if a customer is buying an item and the scanned price is higher than the shelf price, then if they pay the scanned price, the service desk must provide 10 times the amount of the difference. The state gives all the counties the power to enforce this law. Here is a link for the local law in Erie County (Buffalo and its suburbs - I couldn't find the state's version):

Do any other states have similar laws?
I understand the need for accuracy in prices, but it's getting ridiculous lately in my store. All it takes is one little mistake by the pricing team or one out-of-place-because-a-guest-decided-they-didn't-want-it-anymore item to make them throw a fit. All of our Halloween stuff is 70% off (and of course, Seasonal is a war zone), so this lady finds an item in Seasonal and points out to the cashier that the price is too high. It was a clothing item that wasn't even for Halloween, that some careless guest must have left in Seasonal. She hadn't even paid for it yet and she was screaming at our GSTL (who politely offered to call the LOD and give her the Guest Relations number). With the way things get moved around in my store (we get a lot of Canadian shoppers), people are trying to scam us left and right by pulling this Super Refund crap!
Let's just say that our guests are not the brightest bulbs on the tree.
michigan has similiar law. it is up to 10 times the amount or $5.00 which every is less. (ours is only if it is caught after the sale has been completed) it does not pertain to clearance only marked or sale items w/ signs. this was like this when we had to price everything in the state. now with the pricing law gone, the "bounty law" (as our store calls it) remains in effect. our pricing law just left oct 1st. we are still covering and removing price tags from everything. We have special guests in our store. They will take the sale signs home with them and bring them back, put them in front of the product they want and than call you on it at guest service. I suspected this for some time, and one day, i was part of ad take down, that was one the aisle i did, (ya i could have missed one, but knew i didn't) gstl called to look down that aisle and it was like toothpaste in the shampoo aisle or laundry detergent aisle. something really stupid. Our guests are special people. Our guests also put clearance in the furniture draws so they can come back and purchase as 70% off too.

Does your AP know about this?
Putting signs or product where they shouldn't be is fraud. Especially if they're using legalities to get away with it. Of course they want a good deal, but I say they can go ************ themselves.

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