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Target Sins/Confessions

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Leo47, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Correct if you backstock d code it will eventually go salvage. It can't sell out of the backroom
  2. RhettB

    RhettB I've forgotten more than many young ETLs know.

    I think my STL is a 2-faced, patronizing, condescending fuck. He honestly would have trouble finding his way out of a tunnel.

    We had some plastics. Some were labeled Sterilite, the other Room Essentials. He thought there were mis-picks. He then hung the 7x11 on one of the totes instead of the shelf.

    I had to explain what hardlocked meant to him.

    He did not know what a rack-alarm was.

    I can go on. He's good with financials though.

    I will salvage some large online returns instead of trying to let them sell. I'm not going to kill a whole endcap for one monstrosity.
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  3. unknown

    unknown Team Trainer

    I know all this. I wish the enough internet storage for me to list all the things we do that aren't BP. To pick this one thing out and say, "You can't backstage dcode items" is funny. It's like saying, "You can't put freight on the fore tunnels." Of course you can. Ours has had freight in it since October.
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  4. theflowspot

    theflowspot Guest

    I don't give a hoot about any leadership in my store. When they are driving us like cattle I slow down as a fuck you. I refuse to backup cashier, I refuse to promote red cards. I have dealt with a lot of gossip from store leadership because of my personal relationship with a former coworker so it's my way of being passive aggressive. I also refuse to help guests if they have the "can I speak to a manager" haircut/attitude. When I'm not doing truck my 15 is longer than 15 and I'll take a 15 right when they call CNS.
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  5. Blackhawks54

    Blackhawks54 Team Trainer

    -Switched walkies with the FRO because hers was dying, thus me pretending my walkie was dead so I wouldn’t have to respond for backup while trying to finish my OWN work before I leave
    -complained to guests about the cashier light system and that there should be a sign instead that says I’m closed (most of them agree with me)
    -when backing up cashier and trying to leave and a guest tries to come to my lane (when my light is off, and there aren’t a lot of guests waiting) and ask them if they have a lot of items. If they don’t I usually take them and keep my light off
    -give gsa/GSTL the death stare when more guests come to my lane and my light is off (they know I hate backing up)
    -purposefully avoid guests by ducking into aisles when trying to clean up right before I have to clock out
    -when zoning, I throw some of the reshop I find in my three tier like I’m trying to be Kobe
    -I’ve worked for spot for 5.5 years, and there’s still some things I don’t know about... even little things about policies
    -Flexed random little discontinued unlocated items with similar things and not making labels, because I don’t carry around a magic printer
    -told an intern to flex SL reshop with similar items if they can’t find its spot
    -playing rock, paper scissors with another Tm to decide who was covering beauty’s breaks
    -turn my walkie off when I’m on the floor about to head to break if the gsa/gstl calls for backup

    I’m sure I have more, but can’t think of them right now
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  6. IWishIKnew

    IWishIKnew Team Trainer

    Since you hate backing up, I assume you were trying to win this one? I love covering beauty's breaks because I pretty much never have to answer any calls for them but it's immunity from backing up the lanes while they're on break.
  7. Blackhawks54

    Blackhawks54 Team Trainer

    Yes. That is the only thing I like about covering breaks. Yet I’m the only one that responds when they call for backup. When they call again I say I’m still covering lol
  8. Blackhawks54

    Blackhawks54 Team Trainer

    LOD then gets annoyed and calls the other tm’s to back up because I can’t leave
  9. REDcardJJ

    REDcardJJ Front End Badass / Trainer

    nobody likes to backup cashier but it's something we're all expected to do.
  10. SilentCrow

    SilentCrow GSTL

    When the plan comes together

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  11. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Asants most flow team members aren't cashier trained at my store.

    And I hope we all remember this is a confessions thread. Should have been a disclaimer at the beginning for no judgement.

    Short of intentionally negligent sh-- like breaking merchandise or damaging boxes. Stealing or sexual harassment I don't think anything in this thread was reprehensible
  12. theflowspot

    theflowspot Guest

    If I was trained I would. I'm not trained therefore I refuse to backup. I'm also refusing when my store is ultra low volume and the cashiers are told to call if there's two people in line and then when someone responds they cancel the call once someone is on their way. If we were busy it'd be different but we are never busy aside from the weekends (and I don't work those days.)
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  13. Ringwraith917

    Ringwraith917 Zone Police

    I'm reserving my right to judge everyone here. I work for the same company you do. If you're a dick to guests it reflects on the company and on me too as a representative of the company. If you cost the company money it comes out of my pocket too.
    Not answering code yellow, breaking stuff, stealing, "hiding out" playing on your phone. It really pisses me off.
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  14. This may be the wrong place for you my friend. Take a breather, have a sip of water, and get back to it. I get a lot of this stuff puts things onto other people, but there is also things you probably do on a daily basis that does the same. Most of these are just one or two instances. I would only be angry if it was happening constantly and at my store only lol.
  15. Kompa

    Kompa Team Leader


    Your check stays the same
  16. oath2order

    oath2order Scary Socialist

    Wrong thread for you.
  17. UnlockBear

    UnlockBear Consumables TM

    1. If I say hello to a guest or ask them how their day is and they don't respond I add them to my list of people to not open the door for in the instance of a zombie apocalypse.

    2. I sometimes whisper bad things when guests ignore me.

    3. Once I brought up a partially damaged home furnishing item to the check lanes that a guest wanted. (Brought on a flatbed) This I felt terrible about but I was sworn to secrecy by a team member and an LoD. The item the guest requested was on the top in the back warehouse and of course it was late so backroom had already left. Nobody ever seems to have keys to the wave or training for it. So, many violations occurred although nobody got hurt thankfully. Still OSHA would have had a field day with what it took in order to get this item down from the top of the shelves. The team member attempted to climb up and get it down but it weighed anywhere from 40-80lb's and it's hard to grab with one hand. The LoD saw him doing this warned him it wasn't a good idea and didn't stop him. Since that failed LoD decided to take over and use the pole "snake" like thing to try to hook it to get it down.

    Since that was failing he then pierced the box several times with it thus damaging the item. He was however able to drag it close to the edge there after and then allowed the team member to attempt to climb and carry it down but that failed yet again, so the LoD came up with the idea of letting the item fall and have us catch it. Mind you we don't know how much this weighs but the LoD was gracious enough to opt out of catching it himself since he being smarter than my other team member knew the risks. I stayed back I also refused to catch or have this home furnishing turned projectile to land on me or damage me for a mere $11.00 an hour. The LoD pierced the box again with the L shaped item and hooked it in dragged it down and sure enough the 50+ lb item half fell to the ground and had its fall partially broken by the team member who attempted to catch it.

    Mind you the guest had done her last bit of shopping and was patiently waiting by the front end even though this took a good 15 - 20 minutes. I suggested prior to this all going down we just say it's out of stock but for whatever reason the sale was important and possibly we didn't reach our $ goal for the night and this was going to put us that much closer. Regardless the item's box was completely destroyed I told them we needed to check inside to ensure the item was even semi good looking to sell. So, we had no choice but to take it out of the box. Sure enough the item sustained mild to moderate damage. Mind you this is furniture, so any minor damage will severely be impacted over time because it was leather. The damage was localized to one side which is amazing I have no idea how. LoD stated we found it that way and bring it up and set the damaged side facing the opposite side of the flatbed so it wasn't noticable. At this point I surrendered in utter disappointment and disbelief that this seriously happened.

    Being closer to closing I gave up caved in brought the item up and figured unfortunately if the guest was displeased she could just return it or notice it before buying it. I honestly felt bad and still do. The guest asked why the item wasn't in a box and told her that's how we received it ;_;. /scumbag target member. Pretty sure that LoD would be fired for the amount of liability that occurred that day if anybody knew.
  18. NPC

    NPC Hecking chiillllll

  19. BackroomBear

    BackroomBear Team Member

    How did the LOD not have keys?? My STL has a bag in his office like they were M&M's. Wave keys are like a buck a piece on SAP, any LOD who can't handle that is shit.

    Most BRTMs have done things in the backroom that violate common sense, much less OSHA rules. Used to be that way myself but it's not worth it to me to risk my safety for any guest, TL, or LOD (or above).
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  20. UnlockBear

    UnlockBear Consumables TM

    Oh, I'm aware that violations and doing things that lack common sense occur all the time but a person who has a position of authority over others should not put people in those situations. It's different when you commit a violation yourself and weren't told to do it rather than somebody telling you to catch an item you don't even know how much it weighs. Or to help aid a team member attempt to climb to the top of the shelves in the warehouse. That is extreme gross negligence and a lawsuit waiting to happen. I kind of laughed when the LoD disqualified himself from catching the item and expected us to catch it. But either way the wave keys or the keys for the electric jack nobody ever seems to have besides few LoD's or TL's. If we do have reserves or treasure chests full of them not even 90% of the LoD's for whatever reason have access to them. I mean not even most backroom members have keys to the electric jack at our target which sucks for FTC when there are huge pallets that the regular jacks struggle with.
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