To That One Guest - II


I escaped the asylum!
Mar 17, 2017
That doesn't look like wine. That looks more like sugar....or cocaine.

Sassy Avocado

Formerly NKG
Jul 27, 2016
I see this guest in Electronics and he doesn't acknowledge me so I keep walking. I get past 4 end caps in toys and he flags me down. His wife has a plastic car seat cover over her stroller-basically suffocating the baby. He vaguely describes a toy and says "you sure don't have a lot of toys left" only if there was a reason why people needed to entertain their kids 🤔 "sir people are buying alot of toys because of the pandemic but did you see it online" So of course he doesn't he's just guessing or fucking with me idk. So I find it and he's like " oh there it is". As if he found it on his own. This is why I don't like helping people anymore