To That One Guest - II


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Apr 17, 2019
You may very well be right. And that makes me think the person must have a very sad life indeed if this is what they *need* to do.
The very first time I ever heard someone on a cell phone in public was some time in the mid/late 90s, I think? I was at a mall, walking around Macy's close to closing time, and this woman was having a very pointed conversation with someone named David, I believe. Or maybe Donald? Well, D clearly was not pulling his weight in the relationship, as the woman was giving him hell for not calling or showing up and lying about what he was doing, how he was treating her, etc etc. This went on for a bit - I was simultaniously fascinated and appalled that she would carry this conversation on in public. Little did I know that this behavior would become the "norm".
Nov 23, 2016
We had a Karen come in one minute before closing. When our manager let her know we were closing in a minute she (rather rudely) told him she's doing a price match. Ya'll should know where we're going with this.

She comes up to me first (I'm watching SCO and closing registers at the time) before grabbing her items (probably for the best, tbh). Tells me she wants to price match to walmart. I let her scroll through her phone to find what she's looking for. Pulls up an image of these tide pods that are $4.00 at walmart. The tag is yellow, and she flat out says it's a clearance price. She says that she spoke with corporate twice and they said that as long as she was at the store before 10 we would be able to do the price match for her. I'm like "Okay but we don't price match clearance prices." And it's all downhill from there. She's trying to tell me that she was told that as long as she can verify the price on the app then we have to do the price match. Okay Karen that's true, but by app, they don't mean the Facebook app. And no, I don't know why other stores are allowing guests to get 12 different containers of the pods at $4 a pop (and getting the gift cards on top of it) but they're not my store, and I'm not letting you price match a $22 dollar item down to $4 dollars when you're showing me a picture of a Walmart price tag off of a facebook page. Especially when you click on the link and it takes you to the website where it lists the items for $22 dollars. It don't work that way. Sure sure sure, you'll be back tomorrow to get the price you want after you call corporate again. Oh wait, you're never shopping here again? Alright then ma'am, I'll see you next week.


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Dec 9, 2017

Thank you so much for communing with me over espresso machines for far longer than necessary after hearing the call for backup over my walkie. If your store was anywhere close to anywhere I actually go, I'd come by and find a way to leave you an awesome guest comment and/or do the same for you, if needed.

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Jun 17, 2011
Not Target related but funny and creepy

I was at a local Wendys when this rough character dude (w/ toddler next to him) started chatting up a security guard in uniform. The guy started asking if it was legal for plain clothes Walmart AP to stop the guy for making a scene (missed those details), and escorted him out and issued a No Trespass on the guy. The guy discussed how he called the Wal-mart manager later on asking when he can return. Apparently the No Trespass was corporate wide and permanent. And if he stepped back on property, Walmart would peruse legal action against the guy.

So it must have been severe.

I was surprised on how open this guy was discussing the situation in public.

I shuddered when the security guard started giving answers or his opinion on the situation.
* Starting saying AP should carry identification (even when in plain clothes)
* State why they are escorting out the person.

I am sure the guy was purposely making himself sound like he was the victim in the case.


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Oct 14, 2021
TTOG: no. Target does not random power plug X. Yes I understand that we sell that product, but we don't sell replacement parts.

TTOG: no, we do not cell battery packs for cordless phones. Yes I understand we sell the cordless phones, but we do not sell replacement parts