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Jun 19, 2011
Hello all, I am the tm formerly known as Relic from the org edition of this site. I have posted mostly about instocks in the past on the org site as it is almost essentially all of what I have done in my time with Target.

Since I'm reintroducing, I wanted to boast a little and state that my efforts have helped one of our instocks metrics be very close to the top in the whole company (not going to list the actual ranking in fear of revealing too much). This was very, very recent news, and while I can't take full credit, the reports reflecting the metrics show I can take most of it :p

Anyway, to me, it's all in a days work, I like to be consistent and continually challenge myself in the same ordeal.

So, here's to hoping this site has some longevity, I don't think I'm up to the task of another long winded introduction :D
greetings and salutations. Congrats on the good work.
Not open for further replies.