what's the largest transaction you've ever rung up?


The day with that gift card promotion where if you spent $75 you go the giftcard.

We were told to scan the sheet and give giftcards for every $75 increment. That was a fun time.

62 gift cards. PIssed me off


Soon to be guest, coming 12/21
I have repeat guest who comes to me all the time, averaging well over $1500 a transaction, and usually 3-4 carts full of random stuff....not a clue who or what she is buying for.....


Ex-Front End Bangarang!
Well over $10,000. This was a few years ago at my Super in the South. The guest purchased one of every single piece of furniture in seasonal at full price. Not just one of every piece from one collection, it was one of every piece from EVERY collection. He ended up with like 6 gazebos, 6 patio tables, all the chairs and side tables to go with, rugs, crazy amounts of stuff!
My biggest order on the lanes was $1,500 in gift cards and one guest purchased $800 of kids' clothes just for two kids. Her order filled 7 of those big red bags. She told me it was their Christmas gift. $400 per child just for cheap kids' clothes is a lot of clothing!


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I take back what I said... rang up over $4,000 in giftcards at guest service once so that an employer could give them to his employees! Not really merchandise or anything, but, still a solid chunk of my annual earnings that some people seem to be able to drop on a daily basis!
Gift cards are easily the biggest rings. Usually it is small business owners buying gift cards for their employees. I rang 8k the other day and 13,500 A couple of weeks ago.
When you guys ring something up over $2000 and its not a tv. Don't you get kind of fidgety? I get paranoid these days every time someone buys a bunch of giftcards or visa giftcards because it will come back to haunt me in a week by my AP ETL.