Archived Workbench password requirements changed?

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Formina Sage

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May 15, 2011
Today near the end of my shift, I tried logging into WB several times using my password and it kept saying I was getting it wrong. After my account got locked from too many attempts, I called the CSC to get it unlocked and receive a temporary password. After getting successfully logged in and attempting to change my password, I was told I needed to have a special character (like a punctuation mark or similar) in order for it to be a valid password.

That policy must have just taken effect; did anyone else run into password problems today?
We've always had to have the 'special' character in our passwords. ! 5t!ll l33t $0 !t$ kn0t h@rd.
What! Am I crazy then? I could swear my last password was just numbers and letters until I had to change it today @_@
I've been with Target for over 9 months and I always had to have a special character in it.
That started last year. To avoid lockout, try 2 times & exit the screen. 3 times in a row will lock you out.
Sometimes I change computers and it lets me in after lockout. Fun times.
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