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Your Weirdest Scam/Fraud Moment?

Discussion in 'Guests First!' started by 6ryan4, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. RedCardBorn

    RedCardBorn Guest Service TM

    This one night I was closing Guest Service, everything normal so far, me and the other GS TM chatting and working all fine. Then I see this guy come up with a box of those large tall fans. He puts it on the service desk with some of the cardboard that was supposed to be inside the box, saying "My wife didn't know how to put it back in the box" So I check and scan receipt, ask him whats wrong with it and he tells me that he just doesn't need it. So I open the box and check inside and the fan is in HORRIBLE condition, dusty, bent, and even scratched. I asked him when he got it, it was dated for literally last week on the receipt, but I can for sure say that he did not buy this exact fan last week, for it was even leaking water. Luckily my GSTL walks by to check on gobacks and I low key wave her over for help without getting the guests attention. She then asks him the same questions and which the guest replies actually yeah it just came like that. So me, the GSTL, and the other GS TM just look at each other with a 'you can't be serious' face on, and the guest just said "Store credit would be okay" to then my GSTL replies, we would only be able to exchange it for the EXACT same item (hehhehe) the guy looks a little bit panicked but agrees, and luckily again everything else went smooth and we exchanged him the same exact fan. Only if LOD could have denied the return, (Cause he will probably go return that one to a different Target) but our LOD just told our GSTL to do it for an exchange, which kinda frustrated it all of us. I don't get why people think we will fall for their stupid lies.

    TL;DR Guest wanted to return a fan in horrible condition, claiming it came like that and that he bought it 2 days ago. Obviously was not the same fan that was bought, GSTL wanted to deny return, LOD said just to exchange it for the same EXACT fan.
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  2. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Was at Guest service defecting out merch when a kid comes up with a beat-up, rusted & filthy folding chair that looked like he'd pulled it out of a trash heap.
    Seems he wanted to return it because "it was poor quality & didn't hold up" (from what? a tornado?)
    Denied because he didn't have a receipt.
  3. CashierGirl

    CashierGirl One of those gosh darn cashiers!

    Had a lady tell me I was so, "pure and innocent," before trying to pass off switched clearance tags on toys and taking a tag off a tooth brush holder and butting it on a $40 bag...like yeah I'm that stupid.

    She also worked at Target, so she is no longer employed!

    I think she was also high so that's what made me nervous, because people can be so unpredictable while intoxicated.
  4. soyaxo

    soyaxo Well-Know Memer

    Oh gosh there was a guest who was clearly high on something intense at the fitting room the other day. He talked to me with this look in his dilated pupils the whole time. "How many items can I take in the fitting room? O_O" I was extremely frightened. He came out with all the clothing but left the hangers because as he told me, "I can't figure out how to hang these back up." I felt so uncomfortable the whole time he looked at me with those eyes. It freaks me out just thinking about it again. Yet, not the most frightening fitting room guest. He didn't try to steal anything, but he tried on three of the exact same items which alarmed me.
  5. AmICrazy

    AmICrazy Team Member

    Just had someone call a few night claiming to be the C.O.O. of Target. He needed my help to resolve a guest issue. He then said that he was working with a guest that bought a prepaid Visa card that was not working. I really most thing the longer you have worked for Target the stupider you get.
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  6. Birdilible

    Birdilible Guest

    We used to have a guy who always tried returning those expensive electric toothbrushes off his ID and never let us look at it or touch it, but instead insisted on himself reading off the ID numbers to us. Like no...
  7. Frontlanegirl

    Frontlanegirl Team Trainer

    I love denying returns to people whose ID's do not match them. Whenever I have someone new at the SD I tell them to scan the back of the card and look at the pic to make sure it is a match. Once I asked a guy, whose ID was clearly not his, what his name was. Ummm....he couldn't tell me and walked away. hehe
  8. PharmaQueen

    PharmaQueen Sr. Team Leader

    Had someone yesterday want to buy a vacuum with her HSA card. Ummm....no.
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  9. SoCalMama

    SoCalMama Team Member

    I had a lady at the SD with a Hawaii ID that I flipped over to scan. The drawing on the back of the ID was the Golden Gate Bridge. Now unless every State just loves San Francisco so much that they all decided to use the Golden Gate, I'm pretty sure that your ID is not going to work. I mean, it may work, but I am not taking it. Sheesh.
  10. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071     Hardware !

    Geash, racist much? Haven't you heard of the Golden Gate Bridge of Honolulu?
  11. SoCalMama

    SoCalMama Team Member

    I hate all scammers. :) (I recognize the sarcasm font, I just don't know how to use it yet.)
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  12. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071     Hardware !

    Hi light your text and click the A with the arrow pointing to the smaller a, simmler to this "A->a" and click on courier new. It's a lot of fun.
  13. SoCalMama

    SoCalMama Team Member

    Thank you. Most of what I write is dry or sarcastic. If anyone needs that, it's me.

  14. NPC

    NPC Hecking chiillllll

    I get a lot of guests whom pick up receipts either in our parking lot or out of the trash. They then steal items listed on the receipt, and then take it to another store to try and return them. I had one yesterday. He was trying to return a box of diapers. He handed me his receipt. It was brown. Like the same color as our khaki pants, and full of tiny little holes from rocks in the pavement. When he handed it to me, I just held it with my thumb and index finger and stared at it for a second. The guest said....

    G: "sorry, it was in my drive way."

    Me: "Yeah? Looks more like it got ran over by a few cars in the parking lot."

    G: "Oh. I forgot my wallet actually, I'll be back."

    He never came back. I love finding subtle ways to call out thieves. I like it even more when they get the hint and leave.
  15. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

    If that happened to me I would either ask to verify another item or two on the reciept or the last four of the card used to pay for the refund.
  16. NPC

    NPC Hecking chiillllll

    And then they say, "I don't have the card, can I get cash?"
  17. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

    Well they should at very least be able to verify at least one other item they bought if they actually bought the item.

    I guess I could also call AP over if it's suspicious.
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  18. Frontlanegirl

    Frontlanegirl Team Trainer

    If they do not have the card and it is over $20 then the amount goes on a GC.
  19. Amanda Cantwell

    Amanda Cantwell Guest Service & Photo

    Oh when I do a refund unless it's debit it never asks for the card.
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  20. Deli Ninja

    Deli Ninja Formerly Softlines Ninja (Now in Deli Flavor)!

    Oh my gosh, she came back! The lady who claims to have purchased several party trays and at least one had a hair in it? Yeah. Except this time the STL took care of it... by checking the transaction history on the tray she wanted "refunded." Yeah, we hadn't sold one of those trays in over a year. It was beautiful and I have newfound respect for this STL.
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