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    Archived Black Friday Walkout

    Sorry but my family is not going to take a friggen Tuesday off just so they can eat thanksgiving dinner around my schedule. That being said, I'm not really mad at Target as much as I am at the self absorbed people that think they need to show up on thanksgiving day and buy cheap crap that we do...
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    Archived Denied!

    Our Exec denies all requests and waits for you to come begging for it, and I usually end up not getting all the time off I wanted in the end.
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    Archived Calling all 6a.m. Flow Leaders and Team members!!!

    Like someone else said, the only good thing about 6am is you get to sleep like a semi normal human. It's really awesome to be harped on to keep everything neat and clean and oh by the way hurry up your going to slow too.
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    Archived Best Team Survey

    I recommend keeping your mouth shut during chat sessions. Every time I ever opened my mouth I got chewed out for it the next day. They say its confidential never leave the room but thats b.s.
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    Archived Flow Vibe

    I wish about 10 years of flow team work on a couple of you people in this thread.
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    Archived Don't knife me Mr. Flow TM

    Well if they way our flow team is being treated lately is happening at your store then they are angry. And to whoever posted about them going to the local prison and hiring people it was done at my store in the past, and crazy enough they were great team members.
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    Archived I should be thankful to work at all... but...

    "I must say that my introduction to working at Target has been nothing short of a clusterfrak. " It never really gets much better.
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    Archived When I've had a rough day at Target.....and I'm ready to quit...

    One of the few good things about this job has been the stress usually stops when I leave the building. Well at least about what I'm doing at work anyways. The schedule always has me stressed out.
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    Archived How did the 9PM opening go at your store?

    Really busy tell about 1:00 am or so (not as bad as last year though) then freakishly dead after that. I think our store will end up way down on sales over last year.
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    Archived Petition

    I read somewhere that they asked the STL's about it and they where suppose to communicate with the Team Members. LMAO like the STL's did anything but say yes that sounds like a great store opening time!
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    Archived Target's Response to opening on Thanksgiving

    I call B*** S**** on that. The only reason they are doing it is because of Walmart doing it, and their own personal greed. Nothing new though we get lied to by management all the time, I just wished I couldn't see right through it 95% of the time.
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    Archived Petition

    I signed the thing, mostly because I felt like I had to make some kind of protest, even if it was meaningless. Far as worrying about what Target might do to me about it, Im a little bit past giving a rip.
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    I'm Lost! The Call In/Sick/Late/NCNS/Attendance Thread

    What I am dong is signing the online petition and as soon as christmas is over looking for a new job. All this walking out, calling in blah blah is pointless because there is way to many people who don't see that this is just a small sample of how far Target is willing to go.
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    Archived The Official 9PM Black Friday Rage Thread

    My line of thinking is 12am on black friday is O well, its retail I knew what I was signing up for, when they crossed the line into thursday thanksgiving day is when they went to far. Ill put up with it this year but I will not be at target next year.
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    Archived Team morale down is it just me or is other stores too?

    Im all for doing a walk out, but screw the idea of Union Dews and watching them take that money and give it to politicians.
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    Archived friend getting performanced out

    I have been with Target long enough to know this is standard practice (at my store anyways) with team leads. Most TL either quit on their own or get fired at my store, and I have seen some really long term good team leads get canned too.
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    Archived Raise or Promotion

    Only pay raises you will ever see is at your year review and it will be disappointing. Only way to get a promotion is to apply for it when they post it, be sure to kiss *** allot before applying for it though.
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    Archived Best middle finger to Target

    Im confused you actually have people zoning your store? God that would make instocks easier. lol
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    Archived Team morale down is it just me or is other stores too?

    Im just about totally burned out with Target right now. I keep having to work all my weekends (Saturday and Sunday both) and still never get even 30 hours a week most of the time. This is all while most of the rest of the team gets weekends off at least a couple times a month. I have other...
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    Archived Any rumors yet on Black Friday open time this year?

    Time to leave Target. Im so tired of spending all my weekends and holidays at Target while at the same time only getting 25 hours a week. Thinking about all the family time I have given to Target over the years makes me sick. Sure is a shame, I do enjoy the people I work with.