1. vyrt

    Fall tm bonus

    Does anyone remember the days their store is giving those out?
  2. D

    TM Appreciation Pay

    Hey Target. Since you’re all about bonuses now, giving DC new hires $2000: and those random $200-$500 over the last year, how about a reward for those TM that consistently came to work, keeping the business running? Like those who haven’t taken advantage of the relaxed attendance policy, have...
  3. T

    When do we get the $200 bonus?

    Is it tomorrow's paycheck or the paycheck after that? And does anybody know the number where I can contact target human resources
  4. D

    TM Bonus????

    Signs went up all over new hires get a sign on bonus. HR says it’s because they have such a difficult time hiring people. What about the rest of us, who come to work, do the job? Yes, constant OT is a drag, but it sounds like they think the newbies hold better value than the rest of us that...
  5. O

    TM bonus this fall

    Found out more info on the TM bonus today from my Lead. According to HR-ETL, every store will submit names of their top performers to their district. District will decide who will get the bonus this fall. He didn't know how many bonuses per store there will be.
  6. B


    Y’all I just resigned today, I was a seasonal team member and I was kept, but cuz of unfortunate things, i had to resign. Am i still eligible for the new $500 bonus? And how do I get my last payroll? Would it be direct-deposited as usual?
  7. T

    Who is all eligible for the $500 bonus?

    I worked at Target until October, and received the $200 bonus in November. Who is all eligible for the $500 bonus? I am still a on-demand team member, but have not worked any shifts. Will I be eligible?
  8. B


    So.... just found out about this bonus. So does anyone know how much the different positions are getting, I know team members get $500 wonder what Team Leaders would get? the $500 or the $1000-$2000?
  9. SuperTarget

    Target giving all hourly TMs another bonus for $500 Target since COVID-19 started has given hourly TMs $900 in bonuses as it gives another $500 in the new year. Honestly I think they have been one of the best retailers to work for during this whole pandemic. They are really giving back...
  10. N

    Bonus and leave

    I'm currently on leave of absence. I seen Target is rolling out another $200 bonus. Will I get that or not seeing how I'm on leave?
  11. Asuras

    $200 bonus?

    A team lead in my store just said that there will be another $200 bonus on our next paycheck. For working through the pandemic. Any team leads here can confirm that in any recent emails they received?
  12. S

    Team Leader Performance Award Bonuses?

    How much does anyone know about them? I just found out that they give them out on a yearly basis? How many do they give out per store and what’s the most a leader can get?
  13. S


    So we only get one pandemic bonus?
  14. T

    DBO Bonus

    Anyone heard anything about there being a bonus for DBOs that make sales? I heard at some point they were going to include these or some kind of incentive.
  15. T

    Team lead bonus

    My leads have been asking about the performance bonus so I started doing some digging and found the new updated form but the one I got at the beginning the year said the least amount that the bonus would be is 500 and the most it would be his 2500 thought that was super cute but the new one says...
  16. GlobalTL123

    TL bonuses

    I remember back when i was with spot they announced TL bonuses. Did they ever actually give them out
  17. M

    Bonus pay out

    When do they pay out the TL bonuses? I’ve heard January and May.... anyone know for sure?
  18. busyzoningtoys

    Archived Fall TL Modernization thank you bonus

    Not sure if anyone has posted about the bonus being given this fall as a thank you for tolerating modernization. It’s by nomination, $500. STL makes their pick(s) and submits them to HRBP. From what I see it’s supposed to be a secret. Criteria are don’t be on a CCA, and the STL has to explain...
  19. RedGiraffe

    Archived Is this true?

    Do STL's get a fat bonus at the end of the year when their store doesn't go over on payroll? And is that why sometimes hours will be cut (not talking January-March but random times) dramatically? A coworker of mine was telling me that it's true. I just find it weird how only the STL would be...
  20. TTGOz

    Archived You don't get any bonuses for getting people to apply to your store, right?

    I recently got 3 guys to actually apply to my store and they all have interviews within the next 2 days. I highly doubt they'll tell me I referenced them there or anything but if they happened to would there be some bonus applied? Never thought about it until 30 seconds ago before writing this...