1. 2muchXPasTL

    Question about the alleged SD bonus incentive for promoting female gender and/or minorities to leadership role?

    Yeah.. so, I've been told about this being supposedly a thing.. some bonus to store directors and possibly even executives leaders that is based on the amount of female leaders and/or minority leaders they have working under them. Obviously not something that they want to publicize. But, at...
  2. S


    Bonuses being delivered… to be seen October paycheck
  3. I

    Q2 TL bonus

    Has anyone heard anything about the Q2 TL performance bonus? Like how much and when the chosen candidates may receive it?
  4. GoForMe

    Anniversary Cards

    Great way to show appreciation and recognition to team members for their milestone anniversaries along with hard work and loyalty by leaving anniversary cards in TMSC mailboxes and never filling them out.
  5. GoForMe

    Secret Bonus Again?

    Has anyone heard if they are doing the Super Secret very selective “Performance Award” bonus for team members again? I probably won’t get it. Still feels like a shitty way of doing things. Should give all team members a bonus if they want to improve morale.
  6. V

    2022 Bounus

    All TL at my current store recived a bonus of $1500 and last year Dec 2021 I was told by an ETL that target would allow VM’s to finally get a bonus starting next year. Are there and other VM’s that know anything about this or have any VM’s Received a bonus. ( I am pay grade 45 like TL’s) idk if...
  7. Cj Spot

    TL Bonus 2022

    Does anyone know what the TL bonus will be for 2022? I’ve searched workbench but couldn’t find the post that used to be up about the TL bonuses. Thanks!
  8. Cj Spot

    TL Bonus 2022

    Does anyone know what the TL bonuses will be? Are they the same as before or are they different for 2022? I’ve searched workbench and couldn’t find anything. Thanks!
  9. V

    Specialty Bonus?

    Are VMs getting the bonus for 2021 in the fall or is it that we qualify THIS year (2022) and won't get it until next year?
  10. D

    Merit Bonus

    How long do you have to be in the merit role to get the bonus? I'm leaving my merit role to go back to the floor (pay) and was wondering since I was in the merit role for the minimum if I'll get any of the bonus?
  11. T

    Are We Getting Bonuses this year?

    I haven’t heard anything and was wondering if any of you have.
  12. UboatOfDeath

    Wow I won the perfect attendance raffle at work today!

    They even gave me this Sony Bluetooth speaker as a reward! 😍
  13. T

    Question: Discretionary Bonuses

    Is it true that certain stores, team members have been receiving discretionary bonuses on top of the pay raise we are getting curious ~ life is a bowl Of Cheerios
  14. RunForACallBox

    Performance Award

    Anyone else see the Performance Award on their paycheck? I was wondering why my check was so much higher than I thought it was going to be.
  15. vyrt

    Fall tm bonus

    Does anyone remember the days their store is giving those out?
  16. D

    TM Appreciation Pay

    Hey Target. Since you’re all about bonuses now, giving DC new hires $2000: and those random $200-$500 over the last year, how about a reward for those TM that consistently came to work, keeping the business running? Like those who haven’t taken advantage of the relaxed attendance policy, have...
  17. T

    When do we get the $200 bonus?

    Is it tomorrow's paycheck or the paycheck after that? And does anybody know the number where I can contact target human resources
  18. D

    TM Bonus????

    Signs went up all over new hires get a sign on bonus. HR says it’s because they have such a difficult time hiring people. What about the rest of us, who come to work, do the job? Yes, constant OT is a drag, but it sounds like they think the newbies hold better value than the rest of us that...
  19. O

    TM bonus this fall

    Found out more info on the TM bonus today from my Lead. According to HR-ETL, every store will submit names of their top performers to their district. District will decide who will get the bonus this fall. He didn't know how many bonuses per store there will be.
  20. B


    Y’all I just resigned today, I was a seasonal team member and I was kept, but cuz of unfortunate things, i had to resign. Am i still eligible for the new $500 bonus? And how do I get my last payroll? Would it be direct-deposited as usual?