1. E

    Should the time clock be used for breaks?

    Should the time clock be used to start breaks? It wouldn’t be used to end them. Just to make sure that all TMs are taking breaks that they deserve. I know a few TMs that have gone shifts without both 15s.
  2. lokinix


    I was talking to a TL and when mentioning I needed coverage for my second and third 15min, they said that I am lucky to get my last two breaks... da faq? Context, in my state if you work 11+ hours, you need to take 3 paid 15 minute breaks and a 45 minute unpaid meal period every 6 hours. Why...
  3. T

    bREAKS scheduled 45 min before clock out?

    Its happening a lot.
  4. T

    When do you get a second 15 minute break?

    When I was hired and I’m sure as everyone was hired we got a Stores wage and hour form. On it it, it says if a TM scheduled workday is at least 7 Hours but fewer than 11 we are entitled to, two 15 minute paid breaks. I had a hurdle with my TL and they said we can only take a second 15 minute...
  5. fairy

    What’s up w the break schedule?

    My TL got mad cause I took my break a lil after the time I was supposed to but they called out everybody to take theirs but me so how is it my fault? I’m new only 16-17 days in yet I finished everything I need to do before my break so I don’t understand
  6. M

    Did I hit my fifth?

    I landed up get busy and clocking out one minute before my fifth. Will I get in trouble for hitting my fifth?
  7. F

    Can you take your break at the end of your shift?

    This has obviously been asked before, but I am looking at a very recent perspective. I work flex and often times it's much easier for me and others to take it at the end of the shift due to the circumstances of covering order-pickups and other projects. Is this something you can technically get...
  8. T

    At what time in your shift do you flag for meal compliance

    I wanted to work in my day when does it flag.
  9. PerishSong

    A few probably silly questions- Regarding water/break times

    Did Target ACTUALLY say that we absolutely can't have water unless we're on break or lunch? Not to sound like a total baby, but I get some REALLY wild migraines, and drinking a lot of water is a way that I help combat that. Originally, we were 'allowed'? to have water bottles when I started...
  10. B

    Breakroom rules

    Have any other Target stores notified their employees that you can only say positive things in the breakroom?
  11. B

    Guests approach you while on break

    if a guest approaches you while your walking off the floor after announcing your break do you help? Or just ignore and keep walking? If they get me before i hit a time clock I'll help if its simple otherwise I'll call out for a tm. Wheres the water balloons vs "explain these smart lights"...
  12. S

    Answered When must you take your 30

    So today I was scheduled from 11AM to 7PM with someone coming at 4 to close Starbucks. When she came in we got a rush and ended up taking my 30 at 4:22. When must you take your 30? Did I hit compliance? Thanks!!
  13. A

    A Break

    Hello!! Ok so I am in high school and I am thinking about taking one day off during the weekend that I can just take to myself!!!!! Do you guys think that Saturday or Sunday would be better to take off??
  14. Prodil

    Archived Punched In During a 15min break.

    Hi, so I punched in at work at 8:08 and I wasn't aware at the time for 15min breaks that I didn't need to punch in and that was for only 30min breaks. I punched out at 10:39 Am which was my 15min break and my 30 min break was 12:17 Pm I told my one of my co-workers about this we fixed the...
  15. A

    Archived lunch break

    I'm working for 8 hours one day next week and I see one 15 minute break, one 45 minute break and one more 15 break... is the 45 minute break my whole lunch break or is it a 30 minute lunch break with an extra 15 minute break ???
  16. RandomTeamMember

    Archived Do I take a lunch?

    Normally I work 8 hour shift so I know I need to take a lunch then. But today I work 5 1/2 hours and now I’m confused if I take one.
  17. C

    Archived Breaks

    I want to get a sense of what other people think of this. I am the closing team lead at my store, and we have so many issues with too many people on break at one time. We already have a much slimmer team at night, but if even three people go on break at a time, someone is going to have to run...
  18. T

    Archived what exactly is meal compliance?

    hi everyone, I started at target about a month ago and am still getting the hang of some things. until now, I have been pretty much taking my breaks whenever my lead tells me to. every shift, despite what time i’m scheduled to take a break on kronos (whether it’s 15 or 30 min), a lead will...
  19. L

    Archived Do i take a lunch?

    i’m starting at target this weekend and my schedule is 2:30-9 which is 6.5 hours, do i take a lunch or do i only get a 15 min break? any help will be appreciated!!
  20. Lordcardboard

    Archived Qualms with supposed "policy" in relation to meal period

    Greetings everyone and I hope your day is going well. Needless to say I am currently a tm at target. Recently I had an issue with a fellow tm explain to me that I can not spend my lunch period in the Starbucks that is connected to the store. When I pushed back he explained that it was "target...