1. starmaster1000

    "Text TOY to 827438" Coupon

    Anyone getting POS errors with this coupon? Looks like the server crashed and now it also won't pull up for Guests who get the link texted to them. What are the restrictions? People are trying to use them on LEGO, LOL, Disney, etc. that are normally exceptions but without being able to verify...
  2. S

    Cash office / Coupon Address

    So recently we've received a notice that the address for coupons shipped out weekly has changed and I can't get ups to accept the new address as valid. Does anyone know the proper address or format for shipping out the coupons. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  3. L

    Online Coupon Scammers?

    So - let's say that a guest tries to use a paper coupon for $0.10 off one item, and it doesn't work. So long as the coupon is not expired and the guest actually bought the item that the coupon was eligible for, the amount is so miniscule that I'd just take it off manually, and then I'd take the...
  4. R

    The Defensive Coupon Abuser

    Today was my first time on a check lane in a long time at my store. In the town I work the guests have a huge reputation for being extremely rude and entitled. Our store always says yes to any coupon request no matter how much of a lie the claim is. Me and a lot of other team members get angry...
  5. oldboywren

    online coupon

    my boyfriend sent this to me, but is it legit?
  6. GoodyNN

    Teacher Prep discount?

    A friend shared a FB post today that Target is going to be offering an additional discount to teachers next week. The web page to "verify your status" is giving me an error, and the original poster even said that the page would not be live until 7/15, the first day of the discount. Once I get...
  7. buliSBI

    Asheboro man arrested for using over $5300 in fraudulent coupons at Lowes Foods

    Asheboro man arrested for using over $5300 in fraudulent coupons at Lowes Foods :: - A North Carolina couponer has been arrested for allegedly using over $5300 worth of...
  8. A

    Counterfit/Fake Coupons Are Back

    Yep! Title says it all. Our store was hit with at least 35 fake coupons yesterday. They are easy to spot, so keep an eye out for them. Typically the print looks smudged, the paper is thick and the barcodes look blown out. When in doubt, hit that check lane light. Had to stop one cashier...
  9. F

    Guest Services $25 Manufacture Coupon

    I had a guest try to use a $25 manufacture coupon tonight. I know my tps have told us to be careful when accepting these high dollar amount coupons. The system was able to accept the coupon though. How does your store verify which coupons are legit and which ones aren't? How would you explain...
  10. F

    Guest Services Manufacture Coupons

    To all my fellow Gstls, what do you tell a guest when a manufacture coupon is not eligible for their items but they insist it is? Also what could be the reasons a coupon doesn't apply?
  11. L

    Giving the store away.

    I feel this happens all the time, but doesn't store and upper management understand how a business is supposed to work. You offer a product and sell it for a profit. Basic business 101. However, I have been giving our store away for free and from the sound of it so have you guys. Let's give...