1. F

    Invalid credentials on site login?

    I keep getting told "invalid credentials" and "authentication failed" when I try to log in with my employee # and password to see what my paycheck, schedule, or 401k are looking like. The password worked just a few days ago, and it's saved in my browser anyway. I've searched a few times and...
  2. B

    No more eHR on personal computers?

    I went to log in to check my schedule and see that it is now just pay and benefits. Am I missing something or can I no longer check my schedule from home?
  3. J

    What is the correct way to apply for a position at another store (within the same district)?

    Some quick info, I'm currently a GSA, and there is a GSTL position open at another store in the same district. My friend is a TL over there and told me about the position just in case I was interested. I am interested, but I am unsure how to proceed. I looked it up online, and it said to log in...
  4. A

    eHR question

    I'm getting a message of your session couldn't be established. Session Access was denied by the access policy blah. I can't log in my eHR. It shows that I have been locked out. What happened? o_O
  5. A


    How can I view my punch in and out timecard on EHR?
  6. G


    What does everything think about the upcoming launch of Workday so far? What have you heard about it? I've heard that TL's will now be able to job offer, open their own requisitions, promote, demote, add in hourly wage for their TM's, and PDD's and CCA's will all be handled through Workday.
  7. khaleesi

    Finding your hourly pay

    ok so I’m trying to figure out what I’m being paid hourly without looking at my pay statements
  8. Coffee Alchemist


  9. bullwinkle72

    Targer eHR

    I'm getting a message of your session couldn't be established. Session # Access was denied by the access policy blah.. How do I get it reset or get access and yes I can log into a work computer just fine with # and password. Just from home it says locked out then the session can't be...
  10. D

    Problems checking pay-stub online.

    Anybody been having a problem trying to check your paystub online? I used to just be able to Google "Target ehr" and click on the first or second link and it would take me to the login page and I could look at it. But now when I go to log in it says I have been locked out and it won't let me go...
  11. retailfairy


    Asking here because I just can’t seem to find an answer through eHR or the handbook. How much time do teammates get for Funeral/Bereavement? I have had two immediate family members pass away within the last two weeks, and another this past January. Not only did my HR rep think I might be out...
  12. Slap


    I tried to access ehr yesterday after have setting it up at my job. Came home the day of unlocking it and was able to get everything to work just fine but the day after(yesterday) I'm met with this: and then again today tried to logon and met with it again. I...
  13. C

    team member login on mytime and ehr

    I keep getting this message to login to sso or ehr but at work i can log in on the my device. Your login attempt has failed. You have entered either an invalid team member number/LAN ID or password. Remember, your password is case sensitive so be sure that Caps Lock is off. Please click the...
  14. C

    Availability on ehr ?

    I have been trying to find what is my availability on ehr . My etl is scheduling me on a day I thought I put unavailable( 8 years ago and never been scheduled on that until now ) , but he is telling me that I must have changed it in the system recently! Therefore i am stuck with my schedule ...
  15. M

    ehr difficulties

    for the life of me, i cannot get access to my ehr. i have tried resetting my password and unlocking my account so many times by calling the hotline number. is there a real person that i can speak to that can help me access my account again?? i’m going crazy!!
  16. J

    Internal Application and LOA

    I am a current team member who is on LOA for educational reasons. I just graduated and am ready to return from LOA. I was going to transfer to a store closer to me but am interested in applying for a HQ position instead. I asked my current store's HR manager to remove me from LOA and he did this...
  17. N

    New guy here with a eHR question

    hello, i am a new worker and want to set up my pay but i don't know what my lan id is or my password so where do i get this information.
  18. bullwinkle72


    whats the website to do emergency contact and direct deposit pay and all that I can finally access it from home but can’t remember the site and also to access schedule.
  19. ChrissyCoghill91

    Locked out of EHR website

    Is it possible to unlock my ehr account from home? I called the client support and tried the "unlock your account option" it plus resetting my password but its still not working.
  20. M

    Ehr Password & Username

    I’ve recently came back to target after 1 year away and now have been working for Target for about 3 weeks now and I️ still can’t login even after calling and requesting a temporary password. I️ don’t know if my username is either different if I️ changed it back when I️ was working here. What’s...