1. S

    Readerlink Returns

    I was informed today that store initiated inventory removals for Readerlink was being discontinued. Who else is rolling their eyes at this? I understand that this is why we have IRs drop, but it is so much more efficient and we save on payroll doing it that way.
  2. reverselogistics

    Book Return

    I got an IR today for books that are a CRC return. I’ve never had any books that weren’t returned to Readerlink. Is this a mistake or do we actually return them CRC?
  3. I

    Logistics Vendor return IR/MIR

    I have worked at target for awhile, and worked Mostly backroom/ flow, but I only just started as the reciver. The last one left in a hurry as Q4 hit, so no one was doing the job for a few weeks. When I came back from training, I realized how messed up the last receivers work center was, and why...
  4. reverselogistics


    I tried to work on MIRS today that were pulled about two weeks ago but couldn’t find them in revlog. Do they disappear out of the system if they’re not finished right away? With the huge amounts of Fedex, UPS, Vendors and Ship To Stores due to the holidays it’s hard to keep current. Any ideas?
  5. T


    I have a question about MIRs. Do you need to do anything else to product after you finish an MIR? My concern is that when I finished an MIR today the stores inventory said we still had that product instock even though I finished the MIR and put it on the CRC pallet. Am I supposed to just leave...
  6. V


    I'm curious to know how many got completed this week. I finished 17 out of 21 without any support. Before hq did away with the backroom team they were able to at least help pull the backroom.
  7. A

    Entertainment return scan

    Anyone seen or heard anything about the January entertainment return scan? Some of my store etls are saying it will include books too.
  8. C

    Tips for pulling/doing MIRs

    I've recently started working in receiving and was wondering what everyones processes for MIRs is. I have to pull them all by myself, no help from the BR team. I still don't have my process set yet, so I was wondering if anyone had any tips to make things go easier/ more quickly.
  9. reverselogistics

    MIR question

    When finishing MIR’s on the sales floor do we still M delete the items we can’t find at the end of the batch? I was told not to M delete any more but don’t know of any other way to close them out. Any ideas?
  10. reverselogistics


    Does anyone know how I can check to see if any of the MIR'S that have been on hold for months can actually be destroyed, put back out or sent back to the vendor. There haven't been any MIR'S issued to let me know and I'm not sure if I've missed anything on Redwire about them.
  11. D

    MIR & Return Scan

    So entertainment is resetting this week. Entertainment is incredibly light that our store ETLs insist that we flex all d-code/NOP items back onto the floor (which usually results in a really bad score for whoever's doing MIRs). As far as I know, best practice is to backstock d-code and NOP...
  12. SeeingSpot

    Logistics MIR Help?

    The person who usually does our receiving has had to call out for a few days, so they asked me to cover for them because I've had some training. But I never really got trained to do MIRs. I was told our sales floor teams will bring everything back to me once I get it started, as well as the...