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  1. coolsureyeahok

    Extended Shifts/Fifth Hour/Branch Messenger

    *raspsberry noise* We switched to Kronos now just ignore this mess of a thread ----------------------------------------------------------- The store I work at was chosen as a pilot store to try out new things, not entirely sure what it all entails but I know most of it includes emphasis on red...
  2. R

    Need tips for greeting people at self-checkout

    I'm not scheduled to do self checkout at all next week but I had to do it yesterday and got onto a few times for not "talking to the guests". I told every single one of them "Have a good night" but I'm guessing they want me to personally go up to them and ask how their day was. I have no problem...
  3. Corrin

    Pushing RedCards on the self checkouts

    My store is pushing for us to ask guests to sign up for RCs in the SCO area too. Is this something new all stores are pushing or just ours? I feel horrible having to push them towards people who probably went to the SCO so they could get in and out. They don't want to listen to the spiel while...
  4. soliloquy

    oh my god

    I've been in the military since leaving Target for about a year now. I went shopping with my wife the other day at the nearby Target, and when I went to check out, I saw the GSTL over the walkie say "we're at thirty five reds - halfway there! keep it going, team!". It looked like he was dead...
  5. Bullseyerc

    Who gets the most red cards in your store?

    And what have you found to be their secret?
  6. C

    How is the Team Member Discount calculated?

    So, I purchased some standard food items which in my state, are not taxable, so no sales tax is involved. No coupons or additional discounts were used, and no gift cards, or timecards, or anything like that were purchased--Just food. I did get a $5.00 gift card back for purchasing several of the...
  7. S

    I'm Lost! Confused About Cashiering Processes

    Yesterday was my first shift where I got to actually work with the register. After my shift was over, I was told that it was the only day I was scheduled to have any training, so I'm really nervous about being on my own. I'm confused about how to input my ID number to make that pass thingy that...
  8. M

    I'm Lost! REDcard & Direct Deposit

    I wasn't sure if this was fitting for the REDcard thread, but feel free to move it if it belongs there instead. So, I'm interested in getting the debit card version of the REDcard. I was in orientation today and we didn't get to our tax forms and direct deposit information, I guess they're...
  9. iVibe

    So long, spot...it was bittersweet

    So some weeks ago I left Target for another job that didn't quite didn't pan out, and went unemployed for a week. Just yesterday I got three job offers and picked the one with the highest pay. I'm going to miss my team members the most, but not the red card and most certainly not the drama with...
  10. D

    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    Has this happened at anyone else's Target? Today, Red cards weren't giving their discount... what a fiasco, we ended up having to manually give them their 5%. x_x