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  1. LKC

    Archived Vibe Is It Gone

    Vibe! Is it gone? Heard that it is. Please say it's true.
  2. allaboutspeed

    Archived Walmart to buy Target Canada locations Wal-Mart Stores Inc. on Friday said it would acquire more retail and distribution space in Canada from rival Target Corp., a few months after Target revealed plans to exit out of...
  3. R

    Archived Target Canada merch in US stores?

    Anyone notice that the Bounty we've been getting in is measured in square meters AND it's trilingual? Made me a little sad pulling those a few days ago. Guess Spot wasn't going to clearance everything after all.
  4. Retail Girl

    Archived Closing time

  5. oath2order

    Archived Target Canada PICS

    I have some pictures a friend of mine took in Target Canada 3 days before the store closes. I guess they didn't get the stationary reset Buy greeting cards for the rest of your life. Love the handwritten sign I mean, might as well have fun. "Team members not included" I did not...
  6. daninnj

    Archived Target Could Exit Canada This Year, After $2.1 Billion U.S. In Losses: Analyst Will it happen?
  7. A

    Archived Vibe EH?

    Soooo... I just found out, Canadian stores are going to start "vibe". What should I expect?
  8. Z

    Archived Pay rates in different departments & Crosstraining

    Hey everyone, I'm cross trained in 6 (8, I guess) departments: consumables "captain" (read: TL since I do everything a TL does with hardlines pay however I was never 'trained' in consumables but I've been the head of consumables since the store opened), reverse logistics, presentation...
  9. T

    Archived Store codes

    I'm creating a game for a fff and I was wondering if if I could get some help remembering all the store codes I know of four codes red green yellow and 99 but are there any others? Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Kaz

    Archived Positive Target Canada News.

    Spot here in Canada hasn't been doing so amazing right off the bat. However it seems like things are beginning to turn around. Thought we could use this thread for good news coming out of Target Canada. I'll get things started.
  11. Kaz

    Archived How are we doing up north?

    Hey All, Getting to join Target Canada as an ETL and i was wondering how we are doing here in Canada? Got some interesting pieces of information to share?
  12. McmillanCanadian

    Archived Benefits?

    Hi everybody! First post & did some searches for Canadian Target employee benefits & didn't find anything that would answer what I was looking for. So, I was wondering what kind of store benefits the Canadian Target TMs+others get? (I'm not talking about health insurance, etc. but things like...
  13. daninnj

    Archived Target not doing well in Canada

    commie posted something like this in the chatbox a few days ago but I think it warrants a post. Basically, Canadians are not swayed by the higher prices (which is a cost of...
  14. Snake54

    Archived Cycle 1 reporting in!

    Anyone viewing this forums from Canada and from cycle 1? Care to share any of the struggles you may have had during planorama, displayorama, signorama, soft open and grand open?
  15. B

    Archived First

    And I'm not Canadian! Bwahahhahaha Ill just leave this here: (don't watch if you're offended easily!) Welcome Canucks! :-)
  16. Formina Sage

    Archived Welcome to our northern-most team members!

    Just want to use this thread to make our Canadian brothers and sisters feel welcome to the site and more importantly, to Target! As the company grows in Canada I hope that more registrations come in from north of the border. From what I hear about the grand openings, things have been a smashing...
  17. T

    Archived Canadian stores

    The first few images have begun to appear online of the yet to open Canadian stores. Interestingly enough, it seems self checkouts have reappeared to the North... And this one... Figured these were worth sharing since Canadian store images didn't seem to exist prior to these...