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Aug 24, 2013
New Head ETL of overnight is on the team.

Started out nice, but he has to do his job.

Basically I got a conseuling because he gave me an order and didn't do as ordered. I explained why I didn't: I work in pfresh and the person who supervises that tends to do things his own way. She told me to help her code out (expired goods). Me being really tired and unable to sleep these past few days, I made the bad decision thanks to an inability to think to follow the PFresh supervisor.

I see his point of view: You didn't follow the order.

My problem:

Rather than try to work out what happened, your immediate move is to go and write a person up. Then you tell me this isn't the first time this has happened and I don't even remember anymore what happened two months ago. You don't try to figure out where the communication went wrong and you do so with the intent of writing the person up anyway.

I wanted to be like the other team members who boast that they wouldn't sign for stuff like that. He technically from his stand point was right to do so, I just don't think he gets the communication aspect. Maybe management is educated into thinking overnight teams aren't real people and that when the moment suits you, you go off on them.

Was this correct? and if this was correct to write me up, does it make sense to get in my face so close that I can almost see my nose touching his?


They are just trying to get rid of old team members and 'clean house.' No matter what you do or don't do they will find a way to write you up. It's cheaper to get rid of you and hire a new team member for less money.

Best to shoot for unemployment before it's too late:

It's very easy to get unemployment with any company or corporation. This is how I received unemployment after a few years of putting up with their stupid childish harassment tactics as well.

1. Write your complaints to the integrity hotline via email. Long, lengthy, and detailed about the childish management tactics and the wayward coaching and corrective actions due to bitter hostility. Best to write more than once or twice to the integrity email and include every unethical thing you have experienced and heard from other team members as well. State names, dates, and times.

2. After a little time, strategically pull a no call no show on specific days. (I did it on Saturdays at my store since that was the day they frequently saved on payroll, sent people home, and told people not to come in). If one no call no show doesn't work, do it again, but space it out to about twice a month or once a month.

3. Once you receive your 'punishment' and are finally 'let go' from your employment, you write another email to the integrity that your leaders told you not to come to work in person on those days that you were scheduled on the previous day that you were at work. (Don't tell them they called you to tell you not to come in).

4. Apply for unemployment stating this case. They will deny your unemployment naturally because the state is just as corrupt as the corporation.

5. Appeal the decision and send your letter of why you are appealing as well as the emails you sent to the integrity line trying to 'reach out' to the corporation to make your work environment a better place being the good and upstanding employee that you are.

6. Appeal officer will grant you your unemployment as the corporation will never be able to prove that they were not 'retaliating' against you for attempting to rectify the said issues that you have reported to integrity via email.

The representative that is sent for the group appeals process over the phone usually isn't anyone from the store and just a stupid lackey who doesn't know what she's doing. You'll win, just like I did. Sadly, your compensation for the unemployment isn't going to be much and will run out quickly. I ended up finding a better job before I even received my first unemployment check.
Mar 8, 2013
He got you on a technicality. If you work in PFresh and your PA/CTL asks you to do something, but then your ETL asks you to do something else, what the ETL says goes. In a perfect world, your ETL would have communicated with them, but this is Target we're talking about...

It concerns me that you said he got in your face so close your noses nearly touched. If you felt threatened or physically intimidated, I would call Integrity. No one has any right to do that to you, ETL or not. Petty technicality or not, there's a right way and a wrong way to deliver a coaching.
Jun 13, 2011
Talk to your HR first. Why are you getting punished when they have no communication? As for getting in your face that is a serious no no. If you do not get satisfaction from your HR or STL call the hotline.
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