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Jun 20, 2011
So, my store is going through its Pfresh remodel process and I volunteered to be the overnight door guard. Usually I am on the flow team. With the remodel coming to an end soon. I was looking into applying for a AP role. I believe I've been given a sample of the AP world and it's a good fit for my criminal justice degree path.

I knew of only two roles in AP, TPS and APS. Target has openings for Target Security Specialist and Asset Protection Investigations Specialist.

Are these two roles the same as TPS and APS?
Not sure what a target security specialist is. I'm a target protection specialist and the investigations one is not entry level. I also strongly advise agaiant working target AP. if you want real security experience then do it at another company. Target has too many restrictions on what we can do as security and mostly makes our job pointless. Basically all we do is identify theft trends and report to the police. Can't do a damn thing other than that really. The way that target wants to cover their ass so much prevents TPS and the rest of AP from being able to do the actual job of assets protection and security.

That and the pay is ridiculously low compared to that of REAL security guards. Usually about $1-$2 per hour less than your average mall or factory guard.
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Speed, it is worth noting that AP with Target is not a chase em down and tackle them in the parking lot type security position. AP is a very hot job with the company right now. I would encourage you to stick with it, if it is something you are interested in. Get into the TPS job and work your way into the ETL role. Remember, it's all about your ability to be a leader and work as a team. Sharpen those skills and it will take you a long way. Of course, if you are interested in making $1 an hour more and want to walk around a mall all day tracking down punk kids that stole headphones from the music store, have at it. Target, has a better path for you though :)
Target investigations + forensics is one of the best in the nation. TPS is a great way to move up the ladder.
Incorrect TPS has little to no room for advancement. You're pretty much stuck as a TPS till the Sr.TPS decides to quit (if they ever do) and moving up is really hard. You have to stick with it for YEARS. my new APS at my store has been with target AND AP for 9 years and JUST NOW got APS. Its not worth it. You don't gain anything in a LE point of view other than knowing what yo CAN'T do at target compared to AP and security elsewhere. Trust me I'm a criminal justice major and after 8 months of working AP I know how it doesn't relate to the subject at all. Sure it will look good on a resume when you apply to be a police officer but it gives you no experience other than wearing a uniform... It's compete BS.
Thanks for the quick replies. AP is something I am interested in pursuing. The company has been good to me for the 3 years I have been employed. After being on Flow for the majority of my time and have been cross trained in other work centers I am looking for a change. I could lay low and finish my degree and move on, but I feel like advancing a bit. I do plan on being with the company at least for another year or two.

The two positions I posted were shown open on the careers page on salaried job, experienced professional, and assets protection + loss prevention. They're full-time, which is what I am looking for and may be a pay raise.

After further research I got answer to my question. Apparently, they're both entry level positions. Although, APS requires a bachelors degree. As well as the AP Investigator position, which seems to be different from Investigative Spc.

So, I might as well go for it. I've heard great things about Target's AP field. I feel I meet the qualifications since I do have an associates and 3 years under my belt. Need to start seriously looking forward about my future with the company and life after college.
OK I thought you were going in degree-less entry level TPS... at that you cant go ANYWHERE but if you have a fancy-shmancy degree then yeah you can do anything at Target... without one you're just plain f*cked tho....
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