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Jan 12, 2014
Does having a bachelors degree have any effect on what jobs I should be able to perform? I read on another post that a requirement to being an stl or an etl is a bachelors degree I am asking because i have a bachelors degree and I started out as a cashier, and on the sales floor. The majority of my time was spent doing hardlines/and softlines crap. I recently started training with price accuracy and I was just wondering if my degree could possibly get me a team lead role or something else. Can someone clarify this for me?


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Jun 10, 2011
Well, it will make a difference if you apply for a TL position.
Sure they say it doesn't matter but in most parts of the country you will find that the TL have degrees (they just aren't a requirement).
If you decide to become an ETL (I don't recommend you try to do it from the floor, applying from the outside apparently works the best) you have to have one.


Feb 15, 2012
Bachelor's degree - good if you want a TL position or higher. As commie said, if you're going for ETL position, better as an external hire. There was a post here somewhere where Target was making it a requirement/preference for TLs to have a degree.

Chances of getting to those positions from a TM position - only if you kiss butt and live and breathe the Target lingo. There are many team members at my store who have bachelor's degrees. We have a few TLs that don't have bachelor's degrees.

With the recent restructuring, it is going to be difficult to move up.


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Jun 17, 2011
Just to add Target has been trending more in hiring ETL recruits with Business or retail related degree. There was a trend in my former districts where existing ETLs with non-business degrees were slowly pushed out of the company.For TLs, Target would prefer their TLs to have Business degrees but its not required.I had a degree and I really pushed to become a TL. Only one set of store leadership considered me for TL. Another challenge of getting a degree and trying for TL will be if your store figures out you will not make Target your long term goal. I, myself (Video Production), and some of my fellow TMs (w/ degrees in teaching and science) where not given high consideration for applying for TL positions.


I have a associates degree in business and side degree for retail. SPOT is thinking of me becoming a TL, but it worry since I'm a pro-labour kinda guy.
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