Can you stay later?


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Jun 26, 2011
But don't stay next time. Today I sashayed away from a flat with ten repacks on it without telling a soul. Just saw it, said "NOPE" then bounced! I worked my scheduled amount of hours. So I saved them from having to pay me overtime! See, I'm a team player!

Is it my fault DC sends us an insane amount of repacks? We've had double after double and it's turned me into the store's biggest asshole. People actively avoid me now and I couldn't be happier :D
Good lord I thought we’re the only ones getting massive amounts of repacks! my store is backed up with shitload amount or repacks in less than a week.
Jan 8, 2015
I was asked to stay two or so hours late usually twice a week and also called on my day off asking me to come in once a week when I worked at target. if thirty minutes a week was all it took to get them off my back I would have accepted it gladly even if they were rude.
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Nov 30, 2018
When I was a Micky Dee's mgr I was always asking people to stay longer. Of course, I would always offer/bribe them with a free meal.

I never even really got a thank you for staying late @ Spot. LIke was mentioned earlier, they act like the extra money is bribe enough.

At least gimme something from SB!!!
I hands down unapologeticlly will bribe my team members that stay with lunch, drinks, Starbucks... whatever works lol


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Oct 3, 2018
Along with all the other changes there has been a huge change in our culture. Leaders used to be all about being fast, fun and friendly. They were polite and gave recognition to team members. These days I never hear please or thank you and that's a shame. It makes me sad to read some of the attitudes expressed here.
ASANTS. I hear it all the time. My leads always say thank you. I actually find it weird. I'm just doing my job. No reason to thank me for going into work and working hard.


Jul 27, 2016
It's human decency to ask not demand.
According to you-" I was helping push seasonal freight because the truck was huge (note backroom is not where I usually work) and by the time I'm supposed to leave my lod asks if I can stay later (there were 2 more flats of seasonal that was not pushed) me being a nice person I said yes I can stay..."

Demand would be " I NEED you to stay"

Sounds like you have your panties in a bunch because you felt overwhelmed by the task given.
Sep 25, 2017
Lately I've been asked to stay late quite often and the paychecks have been pretty good. But it depends on who's doing the asking. If a certain sanctimonious ETL asks? Nope, thanks anyway, gotta leave. Most others though are decent about it, and they do know how to say please & thank you.
As far as pushing a flat in 30 minutes, it really depends what's on that flat. Big case boxes of lights and wreaths will go quickly. Repacks filled with ornaments and ribbon spools and those knit stockings will take way, way longer.
It also depends on how busy the area is. Lots of shoppers to work around and ask questions will make it go slower too.
Just do what you can get done. If it really bothers you how they ask, don't stay. But be aware that hours drop way down in January, so now is the time to get the extra hours if you can.
Nov 1, 2018
I think people who prefer not to stay later are college students or are people that still live with their parents, and the extra little money they make isn’t as important. I don’t mean that in a rude way, I’m in the same situation and I’m the same way, lol. But if I were living on my own and had my own bills to pay, I’d definitely take all the hours I could get.
That being said, I live with my parents still, and I stay as long as freaking possible so that I do have to live with them forever, lol
Nov 1, 2018
I mean, yeah, they probably could have worded it better, but I don't think the ETL meant to be rude or anything. I'm assuming that they probably meant "work on that flat until you leave" with the understanding that you might not finish it. Yes, a lot of leadership are becoming increasingly unrealistic in their expectations, but I think you can give them the benefit of the doubt. Just make sure to communicate next time that you don't know if you'll be able to finish the entire flat in that time period. If they have a problem with that...then you can be pissed.