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Apr 23, 2012
so i took a cashier shift for today it was 4 hours i had this guest come up with a ton of coupons she has some shampoos and some razors. the coupons for the shampoos were buy one get one free so she had 10 shampoos 5 coupons for that. the coupon took of 4 and some change for each shampoo but the free item was only 3 something. then she had 3 more coupons for shampoo 3.00 off. i though it was only 1 manu per item so if she had 10 shampoos and they were bogo then the 5 coupons on the bogo would have already taken care of the manufacture right?. then she had the razor ones it was buy any gillet or venus razor excluding trial size and get one free
so she had 3 of those at 6 something but the coupon wanted to take off 11 dollars i was having an issue so the gstl came over and he adjusted the coupon to 6 and some change but then the guest came back shortly after and wanted to return the item to get his coupon back and they said no.

now a few hours later into my shift another women comes in with razors single packs not trial sizes with coupons i tell her the coupons don't scan right and she goes i don't want them then she had some shampoo ones i had to adjust because of the overage in price. she said to me since when does target change the price of the coupon i said we have always done that.

i totally know they are not going to keep any of the merchandise maybe she might keep one of the razors but she will return everything and get the coupon price.

taking 11 bucks off an item thats clearly only 6 dollars and the coupon says up to 11 something thats like stealing money from the company.

so can someone tell me what the policy is in a situation where the cupon scans for more money than the item is worth i know my gstl and ap told me the same thing
Nov 23, 2012
It's been a LONG time since I cashiered but I was a decent couponer back in the day (and still follow coupon blogs) and regarding the BOGO, it's ONE manu coupon per item. So if the coupon covers two items, which a BOGO does, then that's that. If you had a manu for 1 off 3, you wouldn't be able to use three of those, right? No, just one. People get iffy about BOGO's because they think the BOGO is only for the item you get free, but it's actually for both. I *think* Target's policy has updated to include this, but you might want to check for yourself.

Regarding the coupons scanning wrong, they've been doing that a lot recently. My feelign was that we were supposed to adjust them down to the correct price, but recently I used some of those free Coke coupons that you get from MyCokeRewards and they rang up at more than the Cokes were worth and the cashier wouldn't adjust them down because she said our STL had told them not to. I don't feel that's quite right and would have been happy for her to adjust them down; would have preferred it actually because I'm not about to get fired for coupon fraud. But that's what she had been told, so...she's a former GSA so I have to take her word on it.

Anyway, read up on Target's official coupon policy (it's on and make sure you and your leadership are on the same page. If what they are telling you to do conflicts with BP then make sure they know (you can print it out and show them), but in the end, just do what they tell you even if it's not what you agree with. It's their butts on the line, and make sure you have YOURS covered by always talking to the GSTL/GSA when you're unsure. Policy can "change" by person so go up as high as you can (AP? STL?) and figure out what they say, and then do that.

Frankly, one of the reasons why I was SO happy to leave cashiering was because me and a GSA did NOT see eye to eye on coupons (and a lot of other things!) and it was making things awkward. I got the feeling that she wasn't a big fan of me to begin with, so I was never happier then when I got out from underneath her thumb.


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Jun 16, 2011
When a coupon total is higher than the product price, the price doesn't matter....because Target will get reimbursed on the full total of the coupon.

Ex:there were some pizza coupons that were good for $6.01 and another for $7.00. The pizza price was $5.99.....the coupon rings up at $6.01 (or the $7.00) and then Target gets the $6.01 back....not the $5.99.

There are some razors that are $6.99, but the coupon rings up at $10.00. With our registers, you cannot adjust the coupon price, so the guest gets the razor free plus the extra off.....but Target gets the $10.00 back.

I know, goofy way to do things.

Today I had a woman with three Merona shirts and three coupons worth $5.00 off. (The shirts were $12.99). I rang the shirts and then did one coupon....and when I tried the second coupon the system told me that the maximum number of coupons had been reached.

Well....surprise, surprise, the Target coupon says ONE coupon per guest per day.
In the end, since I hadn't known about the ONE coupon limit I did ring the guest out with three different transactions. Now I know to check for ONE coupon limits. Most other limits are 4 coupons per transaction and only allowed for one purchase per guest per day.

So, another great change with the coupons....too bad that they (Target) didn't let us (cashiers) know of this change.
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