Does it sound like then TL position pay? Maybe it's not for gm hire then. But it was definitely a hiring type of conversation.
Doesn’t sound like TL pay if it is only 1.50 extra. Maybe your store is getting a base pay increase. Or maybe there is someone they really want to hire and they’re willing to pay extra to get them.
I do know when I get paid but I don’t know if it is cycle A or B. Thank you to @Yetive for answering the question earlier.
You can find out what pay cycle you’re on by going on workday and going to your pay tab, there should be something that says “pay group”. Click that, and it’ll show what cycle you fall in.
The first time I worked for Target I was paid $1.25 less per hour than the Q4 seasonals that were in orientation with me. I worked for 6 months until review time before my pay was raised to what the seasonals were paid.
Interesting. What year was that?
So, no evals if you started recently? Ugh. I was at target for going on 3 years when I went on demand due to getting another fulltime job. I worked so infrequently that I was just termed with no notice. I was only gone a few months, officially came back in January, and lost all my raises from before and just get the TM starting pay. I was really hoping it being raise time that I would get at least some of that back. /L
Not sure if this has been asked already but does anyone know when reviews are due? I haven't received mine yet. I'm a TM. But I heard the pay went into affect last week, I haven't seen anything on Workday yet though.

Sorry if this has been asked already, I skimmed this thread and didn't see anything.