Fall tm bonus

It wasn't on my check this week. My TL didn't have any information, so guess who gets to have a nice conversation with my ETL the next time I see him 😑
Happened to find out that I got when I was checking my pay slips. To be fair, I went on demand at the end of the summer and did my most recent 40 hour week the week before Labor Day. I pick up the occasional shift when I can and always be sure to at least pick up or return the calls from HR when I see them come in. I picked up a shift this week so we'll see if it gets mentioned.
Never heard a thing about it. Nothing on my check either, don't get how unless it wasn't a thing at my store for some reason, considering I'm one of 4 people scheduled 40 hours every week at the service desk. I get a consistent 1:30-10:00 shift 5 days a week while most people in the front get scheduled 15-25 hours, doesn't make sense to me that they'd continue to give me a consistent 40 hours a week while not considering me to be one of the better employees in my area.