Fall tm bonus

Well now I am not even hurt over not getting one lol thsts just petty change 🙄 though a good thinkg for someone who needs it.
Thanks jackandcat, more than a decade in and I make less than some of the newbiesnow. Leaving Spot real soon... Your loyalty will be punished appropriately
I was just told today that I got it. Kinda weird but they told me only “three or four others” in our store got it, which would be 4-5 people out of about 100. Haven’t heard anyone else talk about it and have been keeping my mouth shut. I was extremely surprised after some INSANE events that took place this August led me to believe I would be looking elsewhere for employment.

Target has disappointed me, lied to me, and betrayed my trust. But I’ll take the check!!
I am still lurking to see if I got it or who even knows about it. lol If its 3 percent of the last 3 months they keep that lol no big deal. Communication is so bad at my store.
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Haven't heard a peep about it at my store either, but several members of leadership have been on leave or on vacation for weeks, so that may have something to do with it.
Dear Hardlinesmaster, do you know if this is real? if so, are there really only 20 given per 100 tms? What do you think of this? Thanks a lot
I don't think I'm getting one, mainly because my mental state has taken a huge toll and I have been arriving post 5 minutes a few times lately.
No one at my store has said anything about it. The only TMs who know anything have seen it here or reddit. If it turns out I'm not getting it, I'm going to have some talks with TL and ETL and the work they can expect from me going forward. Not that a couple hundred bucks is anything to write home about to begin with
I was given mine today. Considering the work I put in the last three months--a ton of OT, 40 hours every week at least, not to mention my average hours, the amount was kinda disappointing. I just can't help thinking that if a TM got nominated that did not have a large availability, their bonus is going to be sooo tiny.
Just curious has anyone who closes got this? So far not one closer at my store has gotten it which is pretty rude given what some of them come into. Particularly one who always has to push their truck, pull hundreds of ofos, and zone a desteoyed area because dayside literally does nothing :/ they deserve this and im mad they disnt get it :/ (not me know some people qrite things meaning themselves but legit another tm tbat really deseeves this :(
If it's three months it should be $15.30x40x13x.03= $238.68

April-August though is 5 months, so should be closer to $397.80 in that scenario, a TL who's averaged 40 hours should have it be closer to $503.88 assuming they make $19.38 a hour.