Jun 25, 2018
I have lost.. Look like my store leaderships doesn’t care about metrics anymore it’s all about just getting it done.. Luckily I’m not needed much for fulfillment these days they just want me to help backroom.
Jan 21, 2014
We get dinged for pausing carts? Guess my redness is shining like a quasar by now. If I'm by myself I'm pausing the crap out of carts. 3 at at time if each is 1 or 2 items. I was 100% on time and no INFs for 4 hours (lucky break there on INFs I admit). But then my second person came in, and I couldn't immediately start, preview, and pause each batch as it dropped.
There should be a limit on how many items in a batch. 38(43) should not batch into 1 cart. There's no way that gets pulled in time.
It dropped my On Time score to 70% by itself when it inevitably missed goal.
Jun 17, 2011
Jump on the line and help til it comes off the truck? That's about the only way to speed up finding it.
If I force close the epick app, does the cart pause or is it still considered "in progress"?
Well , if it’s in a repack and not RFID , I would be there for a couple of hours !
I still pause the cart , therefore productivity metric is down the drain! But I will find it , unless it’s an opu , and have to find it before 8.30 am , and still have 45 eaches to look for ..
Jul 31, 2017
I've been wondering: Could the pathing process work differently for OPU's/DriveUps vs normal picks?

If a bigger batch drops into OPU, I'd far rather pick my one bottle of dish detergent from the salesfloor than waste time getting the wav (and clearing a freaking path for the wav...) so I can get a casepack down. :rolleyes:

... I completely get why doing this for all picking would just suck up more time down the road in autofills... but the number of items that would be impacted by just OPUs isn't that great, and sometimes those time limits are near impossible.

It also makes sense to me that regular pickers should backstock their own extras from casepacks (you're right there and it only takes a minute), but OPU pickers shouldn't be expected to.
Feb 27, 2015
I want to be able to skip backroom locations. Sometimes I really am smarter than the system. Yes, the option could be abused, but that's why you don't hire lazy workers.
I had to pick one bag of Hershey's kisses out of a box of 24 8n the backroom. So I took it all with me out to mini seasonal to pick the rest of the batch thinking I'd just push it. The shelf was overflowing. But please oh please make me pull that one bag from the backroom. Dumb. I jackhammered the other 23 bags onto the shelf. Good luck to the poor guest who has to try getting one out now.


Hey, you're still on channel 2
Oct 26, 2016
The tape spits out quick, and it's warm and slimy. I don't notice it anymore but every new person I train says they wish I'd warned them.
That's my favorite part of training new people lol, "Yeah, just hit the button and grab the tape"

The varying degrees of disgust on their face makes it all worth it