how do you deal with horrible service at other stores?

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  1. i don't want to go to my store when its my time off. or i'm traveling and i'd end up going to a target.

    i know steps they can take. i ask politely and never ask for overrides just cause i'm a team member.

    people are so rude when i ask them. i've had people let me call a team member # and i let them know they are going to ask the register and team member #. well if they say you're right, i might talk to them.
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    Your post is a bit confusing. People are rude to you how?

    Are you saying people at other stores dont give you a discount when you give them your TM number? They are doing the right thing, they can be termed for giving you a discount without seeing your actual card.

    If you want to use a card without your discount only your store will allow that (sometimes) and that is bc they know you.
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    No idea what hes saying :oops:
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  4. The op is trying to get a Tm discount without using their card at another target.
    You are supposed to present your discount card when you are buying something. If you came to my store without your discount card & tell me your number, I would not do it. Then, I would report you to your store hr for being rude.
    All tm's are fully aware of the discount policy when hired.
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    you can post a bad yelp review, but they are doing the correct thing.
  6. Xanatos

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    In addition to asking another store to break the rules and risk getting termed (which is rude in itself), OP doesn't seem to have very good communication skills, which will lead to additional problems with one person thinking the other is rude. Lol.
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    I was taught that if we don't recognize the TM, we need to see their TM discount card and their ID. If they insist that they work there, then call over the GSTL, who can then either verify that they recognize the person, or tell them Nope, sorry, no discount.
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    BackroomAlpha Did somebody call for backroom?

    Shouldn't ever give out your TM# to anyone period except ypur stores HR if they ever ask.
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    Meh, while technically true sometimes you are shopping on your break and you need to use your discount and dont have your card on you. People give me their number when they backup all the time and I forget it in 20 seconds
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    I had some team members who just never had their card and I'd try to memorize as many as possible. At one point, I had about 5 other TM#s memorized. Nowadays, my store doesn't allow us to type it in, even for people who work in our own store.
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    We were told by AP & HR that the only ones we can type in are the numbers on the temp cards for the new hires.
    Got to watch my TL bust some kid trying to use a TM discount one time.
    She was maybe 20ish & said she had lost her card & was awaiting a new one.
    GSTL said go ahead to typing it in started with a '2'.
    TL said "Really? How long have you worked for Target?"
    "Oh, about.....four years."
    TL said "I don't think so. My mom's TM# starts with a '3' & she's worked for Target fifteen years."
    Thanks for playing, tho.
  12. Hey team looks like we have a spill out here on the racetrack. It's mainly just words and puncuation. Shouldn't need much more than a mop, some paper towels, and maybe a functioning keyboard. @monkeyman90 would you mind coming over here and cleaning this up? Thanks bud.
  13. OP


    sorry it was confusing.

    so i was trying to return something. things got screwed up because i bought 2 of the same dpci, diff serial numbers. i had the receipt on me that shows this is the thing i'm trying to return and no way i'm just returning multiple off the same receipt. i never let them know i'm a team member or know best practice, but i don't leave without them doing what they should do for a guest. they had me call 718 myself if i wanted to waste time on them. its a team member # that requires them to know which register they're on, service desk just passed me over to a manager cause they didn't want to deal with me anymore when they said yeah, its an error but i should be able to return it.

    other things that's come up. order pickup, order is ready for pick up. go to pick it up. i can't find it? after an hour waiting, its let me call the next day i call and speak to the lod. they scanned the wrong item into hold and cancelled the order. its on them that they didn't notify anyone ge that they didnt have the item and didn't inf it.

    hit electronics button to buy a locked up item. someone walking to back room cleared it. called out on walkie. took 10 minutes before someone with a key got to me.

    i bought a gift for my gf on my redcard debit card that needed to be returned. for our finances it was easier to get cash. they refused her. i told her ask for a manager, they were rude and still refused cash back.

    i don't want to be the one who asks for a manager, or be difficult. but more and more i deal with target support i get shitty support
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    I think it's time for you to part ways with target

    You are doing to much of a no no at another store.
  15. People just use the card. Don't be a lazy bum. I've gone out to my car to get my card and avoided being a d-bag by asking somebody to break the rules.
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    Can we deal with the fact that reading your posts is like trying to decipher texts from a teenager who is driving at the same time?
    I took a shot at fixing your post to point where it resembled English communication.

    Okay then, lets start with the fact that these people are just like you, down in the trenches, trying to do their jobs.
    Some of them are going to do a crap job of it, like someone clearing an electronics call and then not getting your item unlocked for ten minutes.
    Some of them are just doing what the machines tell them, like the people who couldn't give you the cash back on the red card purchase (dude, you can call the manager all you want there are some things the system just won't let you do.)
    Then there is stupid shit that is a mix of both, crap getting scanned wrong and people not getting the word out.

    How do you deal with this?
    By remembering how you would want to be treated if you were on the receiving end of this kind of situation because you will be at some point.
    You want things to get better, remember you are all in this together and just try to make things better not worse.
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    Ok so that first one I still don't really understand... Those next two situations you are absolutely right should not have happened, and I'd be pissed too. That last one is guest services just doing their job. The register tells them it needs to go back on the redcard or a gift card, then that's your options. The more you push, the more they will push right back.

    The solution is you should probably stop shopping at that Target, and go to your home store where it seems the service is much better.
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  18. OP


    the machine says that, but what do you do after that? shouldn't you follow best practice?

    search returns on workbench. it'll say we try to return to original payment, and made it easier for red card debit. if they want cash then partner with the gstl/gsa.
  19. Xanatos

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    Oh, so you're one of those team members. The kind that asks for special treatment just like certain guests do. But it's way worse coming from a team member because you should know how much a pain those "special snowflake" guests can be and you should do what you can to avoid being that person.

    You say you don't want to be that person who asks for a manager, and then you say the team member should "partner with the GSTL/GSA." So you don't want to ask for a manager to bend the rules, you want the service desk team member to do it for you.
  20. commiecorvus

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    Best practice is to do what the machine tells you to do.