guest service

  1. D

    I only get cashier shifts and I want to get SCO shifts again or move to guest service, but my leaders don’t take me seriously. What to do?

    Hey all. So I’ve been at target for 4+ years already and I’ve only worked cashier shifts most of my time there. I’ve had tons of shifts at SCO, guest service, OPU, and have even covered almost entire shifts as GSA because the actual GSA would be busy and hand me the keys and the schedule and let...
  2. C

    Who needs tms for guest service when you have. . .

  3. verndog

    To Continue, Pick NO

    Been working guest services for a while. Whenever there is a no receipt return and you try to up the return value, the POS just says "To Continue, Pick NO" K1-Yes K3-No. What exactly does it mean? Did this screen used to say something different?
  4. RandomTeamMember

    Guest Services Returned Items

    Today when I was working in beauty I was talking to this lady who had an eye makeup remover that she bought previously that didn’t work out. (She had it with her when I was talking to her) Obviously since she didn’t like it she could return it. Only problem was later after she returned it, the...
  5. starmaster1000

    Guest Services Training?

    I'm kinda bored of cashiering all the time. I want to be yelled at instead and would like to be cross-trained to work the Guest Services desk. What do I need? Been here 60 days Is it better not to be cross-trained? Will I regret it? What all does it consist of?
  6. T

    Guest Services “No Longer Available for Return”

    A guest came in today to return an item they had bought via order pickup 2 days prior. However, we were not able to because the page for their order said the item was no longer available for return. The only time I have seen this message since working guest services was when the receipt had hit...
  7. maybeblue

    Guest Service is now Softlines

    IS ANY OTHER STORE DOING THIS TOO?; I don’t know if this is a problem only at my store, if it’s a problem to anyone else, or if it’s acrually from corporate’s orders. Basically, only one GS TM can work morning and one night. No such thing as a mid shift or more than one person per shift. And...
  8. agentbarton

    GSA/SEA Pay Difference

    I have heard a ton of stuff recently from my TMs about how angry they are that Food Ave makes more $$$$ than a GSA/SEA in this new pilot model. These TMs are angry enough that they’re switching work centers (to electronics or something) to get a 0.50¢ raise. At my store at least, the GSA/SEA...
  9. agentbarton

    SEL/GSTL - MyCheckout

    Hello friends! I am a recently promoted Service and Engagement Lead at a pilot store (moved up from Electronics). I am posting on this thread to see what other SELs or GSTLs do in their store to motivate MyCheckout Sales. We are doing quite poorly in MyCheckout sales in general, part of which...
  10. T

    Guest Services The Yes Desk

    Hello All, I was curious to know what the “yes desk culture” means for your store? Intially I believed it to be attempting most reasonable returns both reciept and no-reciept to give the guest the best possible experience. However, we have recently been told by leadership that we do not...
  11. S

    Serial Numbers

    Any Electronic heads or AP heads know what’s the deal with Samsung having an additional letter at the end of the serial# on the actual item (in this case TVs) and not on the actual box? Ie. 0174 on the box, but 0174F on the TV Are there other companies that does this?
  12. daverising

    Guest Services Is corporate out of their freaking minds!?!?

    So basically, we just found out that after a store review by corporate, they said they wanted to reduce the amount of salvage by, of all things, having no boxes at guest service to put CRC or Salvage in at the end of the night, shrinking the salvage bin to about a 1 1/2 gallon box, and getting...
  13. RandomTeamMember

    Guest Services Do You Get Told About Guest Surveys?

    Recently I've had a few guests say that they would take the guest survey and write about how helpful I was. I was just wondering if anyone gets told by anyone if a guests writes a good review on you? Or is there another way to find out? Not a big deal if not I'm just really curious.
  14. J

    Scared I might get terminated ! Help Please! I need advice

    I got pulled into the office for another coaching once again! My store right now is super strict on Guest Service, it wasn't like this before, but it all started early January. Our DTL made my STL reinforce this heavily, so a lot of people have already been coached, even people who had worked...
  15. B

    Store not receiving bags?

    does anyone know who to contact for this? Can you call a # for my support to find the ETA or track a SAP order you didn't place?
  16. L

    Baby Registry Kits

    I was wondering if anyone knew or had much information on how to do the new process on scanning the Baby Registry Kits with the RFID. I read the Workbench update, tried playing around on the RFID app on the Zebra and could not figure out how to check the "Cycle Count". We've been out of the...
  17. J

    Extremely annoying leaders bugging us with providing F-IGN Guest Service

    So my store here in Arizona has become really very strick about guest service, like really bad. You see they want use to literally assault our guests on how doing a lot of stupid questions, and letting them know about what's on sale on the ad and cartwheel. They're watching us. A lot of times...
  18. REDcardJJ

    Guest Services Can I speak to a manager?: A front end thread

    A dedicated thread for sharing tips and tricks as a cashier, cart attendant, GSA, or service desk TM. Do your stores require guests to have government issued ID when they pick up myGo orders? Mine does (it's best practice anyway), but the other store in town does not so it's created a lot of...
  19. Corrin

    Reshop at Guest Service?

    We had a visit today and they took our reshop tub/organization away. We were left with a two-tier which is probably going to be removed too soooo now we have literally nowhere to store reshop. Apparently every time we get a piece of reshop we have to call someone to get it. I think this is crazy...
  20. G

    Guest issues/overrides

    So I work at guest services at my local target store. I am constantly running into situations where a guest doesn’t like a policy, and I explain that nothing can be done. I’m which point they ask to speak to a manager. The manager then overrides what I said and allows that policy to be broken...