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Jun 11, 2011
Mr. Popper's Penguins must really been a bomb. It was a new release, what two weeks ago, and now is on the value DVD endcap.
lol someone was asking me about this yesterday.... had no clue what they were talking about.

"Go ahead"
"Do you have mr. poppers penguins on the front lanes?"
"??? ....Sorry?"
"Uhh... no?"
What's sad is I loved the book when I was a kid.
It's sweet without being saccharine and illustrated by Robert Lawson who did 'Ben and me', 'Rabbit Hill' and 'The Story of Ferdinand'.
I haven't seen the movie but at some point I'm sure I'll see it and be disappointed.

On the same point I put $9.99 signs on The Hangover 2.
The problem is -----

Jim ( the no talented / never took an acting lesson in his life - and if he did the coach should be shot / couldn't deliver a straight line if it was handed it to him - tied to a 2 X 4 / should be only allowed to do kiddy shows on a PBS station at 6 in the morning / if he was just offered the part of the second turd to the left in the barn seen in Richard The Third - Shakespeare would rise from the dead just to rewrite the whole play / wouldn't know a good part if his Hollywood hair stylise held a mirror up to the back of his size 157" head and said "Whatcha think" / wouldn't know a good time - if a bare ass-ed woman was dancing on a table singing that old Gershwin tune " Here is your good time" / will probably be a three time loser as soon as he marries again / probably thinks hes the next Jerry Lewis - witch is fine - I cant stand Jerry / did I mention "No Talent" ) Carry is in it

That being said ---- I love Penguins -- Rock Hoppers - Gentoo's - Chinstrap's - Macaroni's - even the very cute Little Blue ones

And if you-all think I'm kidding --

I even have a Pengie on the telly --

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