My device replacements?

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by Blc, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Blc


    My store should be getting the new android my devices soon. I'm wondering if any stores already have these and how they are working?

    With the current iOS my devices we have all sorts of issues, connection issues, scanner issues, and tons more.
    Just wondering if there's hope for the equipment of target
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  2. IDoStuffHere

    IDoStuffHere Hardlines (fun)

    People have said they are good. I'm getting mine late next week.
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  3. Pale

    Pale Half sweet, Half savory, Completely sexy.

    My store got the Zebra devices a little over a month ago, I love them so far.
    Everything about them is better, android, battery life is longer, they scan faster, and they don't have that annoying three second wait time before you can scan an item after unlocking the device.
    My only gripe with them is a bit of a personal problem, but I've got smaller hands and the Zebra's are a tad bigger than the mydevices so it's a bit uncomfortable for me.
    Plus they just look better, not a big orange/red brick.
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  4. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

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  5. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071 Hardware SA (Walmart)

    Good, now give the old My Devices to the Cashiers, or at least, save one for Self Checkout so they can actually look up stuff, and not need to use their phones, and get in trouble for using their phones.
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  6. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    I feel like the handheld grip helps a little with that.

    Remember the zebra has the same crappy apps as the mydevice so those issues don't go away but it's a much better functioning device.

    Also if you are instocks and still have to do RFID you still have to use the old mydevice
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  7. RunForACallBox

    RunForACallBox Sales Floor TL - Consumables/Hardlines

    They are amazing so far. I installed them at my store Tuesday!
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  8. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071 Hardware SA (Walmart)

  9. Out of curiosity, do they also include holsters for them? Or do they fit the old MyDevice ones? I sorta personalized my MyDevice holster (nobody ever uses them, so I adopted one) a little and would hate to let it go.

    Guess I'm part of the unfortunate ~20%, then. I'm eagerly waiting for when we get our batch, but that day has yet to come.
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  10. Pelon1071

    Pelon1071 Hardware SA (Walmart)

    Now ya'll be careful with these. My mother has had them at Walmart for some time now, and the customers steal them at any opportunity they can. They can be hacked and made into a phone. I saw someone with one of these on the bus, and I don't think they work for Walmart. :confused:
  11. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Unfortunately not yet, and they don't fit the apple holsters they fit great in the old lpda holsters though if your store has any left
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  12. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    This is true my old store was a risk 7. And we had one stolen off a caf tub
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  13. RunForACallBox

    RunForACallBox Sales Floor TL - Consumables/Hardlines

    I ordered 20 LPDA holsters. I kept one from way back when and it fits them perfectly. Almost $200 though for them. Hopefully getting them next week.
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  14. I don't have any yet. But I have the Lpda holsters for them:)
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  15. pinkp2ie

    pinkp2ie Electronics TM

    They make actual holster's for them!? :D

    It feels much nicer actually having them on you. I used to never use the MyDevice and used the PDA for my shifts (almost always 8/10 of the time closing, so backroom wouldn't worry) and having the PDA to carry in your Reshop Cart is nice.

    Nothing new to figure out how to use it, except the buttons took me a minute or two to learn. Love it.
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  16. qmosqueen

    qmosqueen Perishable Assistant Wizard

    Wow looks like 30 that's more than my current 4 mydevices.

    When will I see them my store is part of the 20 percent still using the mydevices.
  17. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Keeping it real in TBR

    We were threated with an automatic coaching if you check one out and don't have the device with you.
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  18. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    No, but the old LPDA holsters work nicely.
  19. Badjedidude

    Badjedidude Target Protection Specialist

    My store rolled out the Zebras last week and they're amazing. I love 'em.
  20. I am amazed by the Zebras. They are tons better than the MyDevices. I used to use my phone to look up DPCIs because the MyDevices were just too slow.
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