One (thousand) two (thousand), 30 (thousand) STEP

Cart Attendant here. I average around 20k steps a shift. Highest amount was black friday 2017 at 30,502 steps.
I can't remember the exact number but on a Q4 day last year I did a full shift of OPU & had WELL over 30k.
I'll break 30k on driveups on rare occasions, usually 20-25k though. 28,579 was my highest so far this month. 346,835 steps so far this month. Last month was 500,758 steps, highest day was 28,888 last month.
I usually rack up around 10-15k steps on a normal day. My last shift involved me doing the most OPUs in a row I have ever done so far which bumped my count to 18k
what are you all using to measure your steps? Half of my drive up ones never got counted because my fitbit can't count if my arm is on the cart.