Opening at Midnight on Black Friday 2011


Cart Attendant
Considering that I am up til the wee hours of the morning, I would actually love to work from midnight to 7am.. then I can do some shopping and catch up on my Z's
If it is true, I bet we would not be the only ones. It it is not true, it is just a matter of time. Staffing for the long of a day will be a nightmare. We simply do not have enough people to handle a 22 hour day. Last year we were barely able to staff for Black Friday even with the holiday hiring.
I couldn't imagine target to be open at 12 am. It seems madness for any company to be open that early. I would expect myself to be working that early at walmart this year.


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Its possible. A lot of stores are trying to get those early Black Friday sales.

But that would mean TMs would have to be clocking in on Christmas night to get the store prepped and zoned for BF. All the trucks will have to be unloaded and all ad items will be need to be prepped as soon as stores close on Christmas Eve night or more prior.