The Things Guests Do/Pet Peeves Thread


Dec 9, 2018
I was laughing on the inside when this one guest who was using SCO had 3 things come up with "how much is this?". The tickets had obviously been switched. I was lowkey impressed at how well she switched them. She didn't just peal off a sticker from something else. I keyed in the correct dcpi. I hope like hell she was embarrassed.
Oct 10, 2017
The good thing about it is we will never be those people that stop and stand in the middle of an aisle blocking everyone or get in anyone’s way ever because we are just way too self aware
Oh GOD I had some lady look at me pulling a water pallet today, and stop her cart right in my path, walk away from it to look at some hearth and hand, and had the nerve to say “excuse me” like I was gonna get out of the way when she was done.

Normally I’m meh but it was water and I had to stop the pallet to wait.