To that one Team Member - II

Jul 8, 2016
To that full team of inbound or flow or a backroom team member...when I do daily audits I must scan upcs of the product...if you do not put the label on the GD FRONT of the box...PUT IT ON THE FRONT OF THE BOX AND STO CORRECTLY!!!!! OMFG...k...I have to turn it move it and if the label is missing I need to open it to get to it. If the label is missing do me the damn kind favor of taking the time out of YOUR busy day to write the UPC on the front (not the DPCI) and please learn how to do that. I have MY busy day and am constantly told I am being too slow due to issues like this most likely. I can't say exactly why my day is going slow but I know a few factors and THAT IS FUCKING ONE OF 'EM... fuck this new process it ruined backroom because more than half the team doesnt understand it at all and do not give a fuck at all...uuuugghhh it took me two days to get it and I got less than 10 min to teach each of these guys and I only got to train a few of them. This is a disaster.
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Sep 27, 2017
I'll never understand why that team decided to call 'casepacks' children.
At my day job, I do package testing for one of the home improvement stores, and they use "children" to refer to multiple SKUs in a repack shipper (and probably BR/DC locations as well, but I don't deal with those). I assumed it was the same here.


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Jun 10, 2011
To whoever does the schedule, can I PLEASE stop getting split shifts between cashier and hardlines? I mean, it's better than an 8 hour straight cashiering shift, but jeeeeeeeeez.