Archived Two Week Notice Memoir

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Oct 11, 2011
So I thought as I was filling out my two week notice, what they heck do I put when it ask "please provide a detail explanation for why you are deciding to leave Target". I could write a book in the case of if I decided to write how I really felt. Option 2 would be writing a bs reason sprinkled with unicorn farts and rainbows as to not hurt anyones feelings. I think I shall ask for another form (for some reason I had picked up the last one that was in our drop box at TMSC), due to I would like to rewrite my explanation. Also it says to "please mark ONE of the following that best describes your decision to leave Target". Options as we know are, unsatisfied with benefits, pay, job duties, etc... One option is "have accepted other employment". By choosing that option do I have it has a space for you to give the company name and your new pay, Do I have to give that information if I were to choose that option? I would fill it out though, but it would probably say something along the lines of "It's none of you business". So what would be stuff you would write on your two week notice form? I am actually considering making a little "I quit" slideshow as inspired by a recent youtube video.
Just write that it is for your own personal reasons and none of their business. Or that you have an opportunity to pursue another opportunity elsewhere. That's all they need to know.
I like the slideshow idea.
But bryan has the best advice with the caveat that they might sit up and take notice if every time someone left employment with the company they checked "not satisfied with pay/befits."
Who knows maybe they would reexamine the pay structure and health benefits --- hahahahahaha!
I'm going to be honest and say that I'm not sure it really matters what you write - we fax it to TMSC, they file it in your file electronically, and your file is closed when you term.

the end.
Annie, you have a point. I doubt anything I would write would make a difference in the company, this would merely just be for my own satisfaction in writing what I was thinking. And Bryan you do have a good idea, again I still have about a week before I have to turn it in (so that they do not make the next schedule when my new job starts).
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