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    Archived 4x4 Exclusion

    Our 4x4s are done by dedicated TMs. Each does roughly 20hrs/wk, one in HL, the other SL. The leader in charge of 4x4s created a four-week routine for Mon-Fri. It works out real slick!
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    Archived New (beta) Workbench?

    Anyone else have the desktop shortcut for a beta version of the new Workbench show up today? Attempting to access it doesn't work, of course our district isn't listed in the 'pilot' section :(
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    Archived Bob O'Rourke is gone

    For real?!? Bob was awesome! Intense at times, but awesome. Not going to get specific, but my store is going to be hit hard by this news, it had a close connection to him.
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    Archived SBUX - Coffee Press

    Ah okay! I'll ask the sbux TL if she's recieved anything , I don't actually work over at Starbucks anymore, just trying to stay in the loop
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    Archived SBUX - Coffee Press

    Anyone have more info on the Evolution Fresh smoothies? All I know so far is that we'll be getting kale and low-fat Greek yogurt, and switching from frozen to fresh bananas.
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    Archived Old Target signs?

    Found some of those while cleaning as well!! On that note, has anyone else noticed the majority of the signs coming in have that 'older' look to them, like they're using helvetica bold rather than helvetica neue? I like it, it stands out and is easier to read from a distance.
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    Archived SBUX - Coffee Press

    Thanks everyone! Does anyone what specific volumes of water we're suppose to use?
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    Archived SBUX - Coffee Press

    Hey guys, I need some help! With the Starbucks Valentine's Day event coming up, our team needs to be (re)-trained on the coffee press. We have a recipe card for it, with instructions for either 8-Cup (Serves 2) and 12-cup (Serves 4). The 8-Cup option states to use 5 starbucks scoops, and...
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    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    Ordering on the myDevice is SOOOOO much faster! I love it. It is a huge pain to have to carry both myDevice and PDA, though.
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    Archived Is it just me or does Target's website and app suck?

    It's really fun when the registry iPads are down AND only two of the four iPods are working.
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    Archived pumpkins are in!

    Thanks @coolerqueen for those numbers!! Does anyone know where in seasonal the pumpkins are supposed to be? Will they be in cardboard bins underneath the tables?? I ordered and received a pallet of them but haven't found any signing/fixtures. I found the POG, but it doesn't really explain...
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    Archived Is it just me or does Target's website and app suck?

    Maybe Target should take a cue from Walmart and buy some tech startups. Walmart's been on the tech front like crazy lately.
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    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    Not sure when SIM and other apps will be added, I did read that they're exploring the possibility of adding backroom functions in 2015 (I honestly feel that'd be a disaster), as well as walkie-talkie abilities. MyPerformance will be added soon as well. I would LOVE the ability to get onto...
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    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    Just FYI, TLs are supposed to coach any TMs caught listening to music or watching videos. Not like it's a big deal, most TLs are pretty lax if you're in the backroom. And not like coaching is anything more than a slap on the wrist lol.
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    Archived ctls, be warned.

    AE14 is not working in our store. Our new org chart removed 4 TL and 1 ETL position. So now we have: ETL-HR ETL-RX ETL-Log -Backroom/Instocks TL -Presentation/Pricing TL -Flow TL ETL-GE/SF -Guest Service TL -Starbucks TL -Target Cafe TL -Sales Floor TL You read that right, ONE Sales Floor...