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    Specialty Transfering from TX to CA!!!

    This thread is closed due to it's clear deviation from the original topic.
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    Sales Floor Get ready for more Pokemon

    I removed the link from the title for you.
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    Can a reserve deputy be an ETL-AP?

    I sent you a PM regarding this comment.
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    Sales Floor Possible Genesis Scalpers?

    It is entirely possible, but there is not a true way to tell. Maybe it is just a good Christmas Gift :)
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    Replacement or fill ins for a workcenter

    HR is a particularly hard position to just "Cross train" a TM in to doing due to all of the information that the TM would have access to. They generally don't cross train into HR. HR may pick up a few other shifts here and there, but just not the other way around.
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    Guest Services order pickups + gift receipts

    If you go to the guest's transaction in MyGO, there is a receipt ID and VCD. Type the Receipt ID on the register, press enter. It will ask for VCD, press enter after entering it. Then you should see an option to print a gift receipt. Mind you, I haven't touched a register in about 6 months, but...
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    Another New REDCard!

    The old Visa cards are being rebranded as a Mastercard with the Chip update.
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    Research ?
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    No more e-mail outside of Target for non-exempts

    Technically, you were never supposed to be checking your Target email outside of work.
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    Guest Services BOGO Coupons + Buy x and get a free $5 gift card

    If the system automatically denies it, then you are not to override it. The system knows what is right and what is wrong (most of the time)
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    I'm Lost! Reporting an issue with search logic in item search and mywork

    @mobileFellow @mobilelady @AnotherGuy
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    Sales Floor CCA

    You were texting on the job - you are not even supposed to be using your phone for personal use while on the job. He was right to coach you.
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    I'm Lost! Ordering from

    2) I am pretty sure it will just give you the standard shipping
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    Delivering a termination

    I would guess that the ETL would be the one to do it, but I am not sure.
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    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    Let's wait until the news is official that Spot will be switching over. Then, I can rename this thread and we can start the new one.