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    Archived Lost Zebra

    Have someone call CSC and they can pinpoint where in the store it was last used. They are able to give you a location in the store closest to the nearest router/access point/whatever its called. Even if the battery died they can tell you where it was last connected to the network. If the battery...
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    Archived Checking out Walkies/MyDevice with an ID

    My store did the ID thing for a bit... then got called out by APBP because target CANNOT legally cannot ask for any form of collateral.... We created our own "MyDevice" cards which are just laminated cards with your name and you need that card to grab a device AND use the sign in sheet so people...
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    Archived Bathrooms and payroll

    There was a redwire about payroll being updated for the month of May to reflect a loss of sales after the announcement. RedWire simply said hours are being reduced to reflect the lower comps across the company, however according to my DTL the south and mid west states are being hit the worst...
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    I'm Lost! The REDCard Thread

    Expectations are kinda ridiculous for these things... Just got an email saying as a district we are behind over 900 for the year and we have 8 stores in my district ...
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    Archived Mass exodus of shoes...

    Had that happen here too.... i feel like most of the time were waiting forever for shoes to salvage and it goes a week BEFORE the transition???? we had to flex our 8 pallets of shoes to the floor it was bare
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    Archived Seasonal reshop is out of control

    Wish my STL would let us leave the re shop in carts... 20+ a night and we still have tons of christmas product. We couldnt even set mini seasonal because we had so much candy on the floor. We emptied the backroom weeks ago but it just doesnt sell here :(. We just threw it up on shelves by % off...
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    Archived Black Friday 2015 War Stories

    Felt busier than last year but the sales did not reflect it at all!!! I swear we made more when we did a midnight opening!!! We made 50k LESS from 6pm-Midnight this year than last year. Had a guest complaint in electronics because he wanted a door buster tv at 7pm. I apologized and informed him...
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    Archived Goodbye Dollar Spot!

    Same here!!!
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    Archived FitBit offer for Target TMs

    That worked!! Thank you!!
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    Archived FitBit offer for Target TMs

    I got there and it automatically put me in region 300, but ive never worked in that region and it wont let me change it to anything besides region 300 :(
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    Archived Goodbye Dollar Spot!

    One spot is on the pre tie schedule for 11/1. Havent heard any news of it being discontinued or removed at my store....And its on the adjacency calendar with POG titles.
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    Archived Latest Pilot?

    Its piloting in chicago the test is called Starbucks Evenings, at night starbucks turns over to a new food menu and wine and beer.
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    MEGATHREAD Target myDevices

    RedWire sent us out a notification saying we sent too many mobile mysupports and to stop!! lol. I guess thats how they want to handle it. They said to handle NOF at the store level.
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    Archived Anyone else receiving more trucks?

    typically a 3 truck store but weve been getting 4 consistently and even some weeks 5, no trucks smaller than 2000.
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    Archived PATL and PPTL please check your merch update ASAP!

    Was it in this weeks merch update or last weeks? I saw nothing in regards to price change in this weeks merch update?