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    (Warehouse/distribution center) How long does it take for them to say I got the job? And what shoes should buy?

    Can’t speak to how long it takes right now, as I’m sure it varies. Shoes should be comfortable since you’ll be standing for 10-12hrs. No crocs, nothing with a smooth sole, no sandals. DCs get paid weekly. Any equipment you’d need to know, they’ll train you on.
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    Paid Sick Time

    Not really something I have to worry about (I’m #1 seniority), but I can see how it’d benefit people there. Probably wouldn’t protect paid holidays, and I’d assume that like vacation, it can’t be paid out on a holiday, so there is still some kind of limit as far as using it like vacation. I’d...
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    Paid Sick Time

    First I’ve heard of it. I miss like 1 day/year, so it’s another week of vacation for me!
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    Target switching to BCBS for health insurance.

    $45 for a generic albuterol inhaler, was $8 with UHC. Without going through insurance I can get it $10 cheaper.
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    Same here for A-keys, I’m pretty sure our B3 is the same as B2 though.
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    Pay on different shifts

    Didn’t the “we have all the bigwigs here” argument kinda die when they went from department SOMs to key SOMs? Who’s there on B1 that isn’t on A2 now? The SOD? Cuz both have ODs, SOMs, PCs… I guess the CI-OMs and Safety OM have more less made B1 their home, but do they even do anything? (Serious...
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    How and why?

    Aside from the panties, everything appears to be the same ssz, so were they already worn or are we being that petty?
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    merit folks

    I believe you are “stuck” in any position for 6 months. Not saying HR can’t override that, I’ve seen them do it, but I believe the rule exists. If it were a phenomenal WW who took an ICQA role and just wasn’t happy or sucked at it, I think they’d bend rules to let them go back. If it’s an...
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    Pay on different shifts

    This is the definition of work/life balance! A B2 TM might not see their kid(s) or spouse for 4+ days of the week even when they live together. A1/A2 TMs essentially don’t exist for 3 days (work, sleep, wake, repeat). That is a lack of work/life balance! And having your kids on the weekend...
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    Merit Raises & Reviews: 2023 Edition

    That’s a DC thing and only applies to progression TMs who didn’t receive a raise during that fiscal year.
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    Merit positions

    Honestly, the way it’s done for other merit positions is dumb. They end up filling the spots with people who’ve been in the building for 6-12 months and don’t really know anything, 1 key is pretty much stuck in an endless loop of training new TMs, etc. You don’t want that with LWWs.
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    Interviews for Dedicated Team Trainer

    20 full time, 20 backup. 1 of each per dept/key.
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    team member trainer

    It’s progression, just a slightly higher scale than WW.
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    Any DC's with rebin heard about it being reduced and mbp going back to legacy?

    You’d know with the weekly staffing call the week before. Depending on how your flex down groups are divided, you may know earlier than that.
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    Unwritten warehouse rules

    I’d see it as “no harm, no foul” then. Everybody deserves a pass on the rogue mistake once in a while. If it’s a mistake that a person regularly makes, then that’s different. They’ll probably audit more of your adjustments for a little while tho, so just triple check before you leave a location.
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    Unwritten warehouse rules

    Unless you adjusted it and a bunch of extra labels dropped against it before it was corrected, there’s not much to worry about. Did you catch it right away and fix it or did someone else find it?
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    Unwritten warehouse rules

    Or “stepping down” on the wrong side, that sudden “oh shit” moment gets the blood flowing for a while!
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    LWW Attitude

    I can understand that LWWs aren’t supposed to do prod functions, however, afaik they are still supposed to work in a support capacity, which is what it sounds like op was requesting. If this wasn’t expected of them, they would’ve had their pit certifications revoked like a TM who becomes OM.