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    New TM onboard.

    Just keep pushing for one we are an ultra-low-volume store we got one after our new STL told them it would save money and time.
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    MyTime How does the clock-in/clock-out system work?

    Also depends on the state
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    Answered What's the difference between defect and audit?

    Never seems to print any label for food donate or otherwise
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    Archived When do hours go down?

    If I lose my benefits I’m going to have to find some new employment
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    Archived Put shift up on kronos

    we are always told because of time and half on thanksgiving OT is Ok as with all holidays we are paid time and a half for
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    Archived labor day pay

    i thought all targets stay open till at least 10
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    Archived Doing Price Change for the First Time?

    and prepare for big trail of sticker backing coming out the the printer
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    Archived No CA hours on a Saturday?

    we have NOT had a card attendant for at least a few years. Maybe only on black friday or a few days in december. Most of the time its one of the cashiers or LOD that runs out to get them
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    Archived Stickers! for kids – What's your "policy?"

    I only give them to the cool kids
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    myPOG - No Longer Available

    crashes when I touch store info ios
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    Archived CCA?

    If really can’t find somthing to do get on the radio and say “ LOD what would you like me to do? “ I bet you will get something to do.
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    Archived Where do I leave from?

    does your store sell casper matress Id grab one of them
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    Archived credit on debit

    we have a note on all our card reader to press the green button. But still most dontread it.
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    Archived Target Sins/Confessions

    I just fart anywhere
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    Archived .

    I dont mind ap watching me it makes me feel safe
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    MEGATHREAD 2018-2019 Store Modernization Megathread

    ours are sorted into tubs and put on u boats
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    Brag thread. You're awesome and you know it

    i try to work with passion all time. but its hard when your the best lol
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    Archived "Acknowledging Every Guest" Rule

    I never usemy personal phone for target business. Because if they want me to use my own device they can pay for my phone use.
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    Archived "Acknowledging Every Guest" Rule

    I quess im lucky I just naturally smile and say hi or good morning to everyone so I never have a problem
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    Archived Target near Tallahassee Florida

    if they didn’t want to use it they would password protect it. Just remember anything on work bench should be not shared with public.