red card

  1. RandomTeamMember

    Target T-Shirt Contest

    My store decided to do a t shirt contest this year. Y’all got any ideas? 😂
  2. TargetScanMan

    Something Unacceptable (IMO)

    Just a short time into this and I'm seeing Guests, who CLEARLY shouldn't be applying for credit cards being coercecd into "trying'. This DOES ping their credit score and are usually turned down. THAT isn't moral by any stretch but from what I've now seems it's happening. I'm in disagreement...
  3. TargetScanMan

    RedCard Holder ONLY Exclusive Sales

    Don't forget to remind your Guests about the RedCard Holders ONLY Exclusive sales which are now featured in our weekly circular and/OR on the Target App. You should be able to sign up new RedCard holders and even ADD a card to existing holders* quite easily with these offers unless they are...
  4. Amanda Cantwell

    Target fun run

    Basically all the 20% off cartwheel deals you know and love are back this week all at once. Be prepared to explain to tons of guests they need the app. Also for target wallet users with a RC they get a 10% off almost everything coupon (check exclusions)
  5. C

    Calling all Self Checkout Champions, Red Card Kings and Queens, GSA(s), GSTL(s), ETL(s) and LOD(s).

    Hi :) I am probably not the best when it comes to Red Cards. I have no problem pitching Red Cards, the hardest thing for me isn't the four E's, it's pushing past the "NO." I can push past a "No," but HOW do the BEST of you push past the "NO" the "NO thank you" "NOt interested" "NOt today" or...
  6. C

    Reapplying for redcard

    Long story short my dad allowed his redcard to become inactive because of a snafu when we switched to chips. He had a visa with a cli of 12k. If he reapplies would he get denied sinfe he is paying still on the old card? If accepted would his limit be the same or would he have to rebuild up to...
  7. HRZone

    The effect of Shipt on Team Members

    It looks like Red Card holders are getting 50% off of memberships to shipt. Target is now getting to use these personal shoppers who are 1099 employees to deliver items to guest. They aren't paying these drivers the cost of gas or wear and tear on their car. They don't have to pay for...
  8. H

    Redcard holders getting freebies?

    Hey everyone. I had a quick question. I’m a GSTL and also a redcard (credit) holder. Today I received an email from REDcard spend and get giving me a $20 egiftcard. First I thought I was getting hacked but decided to click the link. When I put my email in on the cashstar website it’s addressed...
  9. Amanda Cantwell

    RC Free Shipping now 2-Day

    With the Redcard, if the item is eligible for 2 day shipping, it's now free too (most but not all items are). Nice improvement to the free shipping perk, and a great talking point for cashiers. $35 free shipping is still just "standard" aka 3-5 days. also just really nice as amazon has a lot of...
  10. HLN13

    Stacking red card + TM discount

    I just have a quick question — when using the red card discount, cartwheel, and TM discount which order do they stack on? Example: Something is $10 and it’s 10% off on cartwheel, 10% off TM discount and 5% off redcard, which order do they stack in? I believe it goes Cartwheel, TM, Redcard? So...
  11. bullwinkle72

    Debit Red Card

    So received debit red card on Tuesday, used it Wednesday(27th) and a few times here and there this week and it’s still not debited from my checking account? Called Friday to costumer service told me it would take a couple days but here it is Sunday (31st) and still no account withdraws?
  12. N

    Odd Situations while Cashiering

    I have a couple of more questions regarding some cases while cashiering today and I would appreciate any suggestions. 1. A guest applied for a Red Card and it was approved, and a temporary Red Card was printed. When I tried to scan the barcode on the temporary Red Card, the card reader flashed...
  13. Michy

    Redcard Error

    My leadership is either clueless or too lazy to find a fix, so here I am. At the end of the redcard application an error pops up saying something about a connection issue and to give the guest the 5% and tell them to apply another day. Even if I void the application and try again on another...
  14. P

    10% Redcard Anniversary?

    Just noticed I got an email with a coupon/barcode for 10% off for Redcard Anniversary? Does this stack with TM Discount...or anything else? I assume this isn't a scam...
  15. F

    Are you saving 5 percent

    Ughhhh how many times does someone have to pressure front lanes into selling the red card before they realize that we're doing everything in our power and still get a NO like seriously???!!! We get hundreds of talks about the red card and I literally ask every customer it's an 80% luck type of...
  16. B

    1 Min Huddle

    Can you guys help me get creative with keeping my 1 minute huddles productive but still not sounding scripty? These are the things I feel like I have to touch on: genuine interactions, cashier empowerment (let's not call the GSA over for $1), stepping out, greeting guests, educating them about...
  17. NKG

    Red Card Returned Payment

    Long story short- Last winter one of my red car payments got returned by the bank and I didn't know about it. Then it happened again so they suspended my account. I paid off everything and got it to work again. Then couple weeks ago I used my card again totalling in $30ish. Those payments got...
  18. HLN13

    New Redcard Shirts

    Did anybody else's store recently get redcard shirts in? This morning I walked in and all the cashiers were wearing the same shirt, it said like 5% and extra time on returns and stuff like that in little circles on the back, does anyone know if these are cashier only?? Would I be able to buy one...
  19. pinkp2ie

    A question i've always wanted to ask

    Why does the register/POS ask for last 4 digits of a card, sometimes? (Usually on high dollar transactions)
  20. R

    Is it ok to get my both parents to come in while I'm on as a cashier and sign up for red cards?

    It's my first week and I still haven't sold any red cards so I was wondering if I could get both of my parents to sign up for red cards so I would have 2 or is that breaking the rules and I could get fired?