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  1. helloxbritty

    TL Behaviors - Improvement of Leadership

    What does your TL do that you like? What do you wish they did more of? What do they do that you don’t like?
  2. P

    HELP!! Remodel team lead offer

    Hello I am not apart of Target yet but I have a interview to be a “Remodel TL”. Does anyone have any tips on the interviewing process including the questions they ask? Also can someone explain this role. I didn’t apply for this position. I applied to be a Style TL but I was contacted to see if I...
  3. J

    S/E TL emails

    To all my fellow TLs. I just finished training but didn’t get any info on opening and closing emails. But I know that some TLs write them. What are you supposed to include in opening/closing emails.
  4. J

    New S/E TL

    Hi everyone! I am a new Service and Engagement TL and I was an external hire. Two questions: 1.) Do any SE TLs have tips for me? I would love to hear about anything from improving metrics to being a successful leader. 2.) Do any of you S/E TM’s have opinions on your favorite and/or least...
  5. S

    Specially Sales to GM

    Hey guys, I’ve worked for target for 4 years now. The past three years I’ve been a specially sales TL mainly overseeing style. My store director came to me a few weeks ago and asked me to move over to become our inbound/home, kitchen, domestics TL. I start my week of training tomorrow and...
  6. B

    TL/PG45 Base Pay Increase

    Any TLs/PG45s get notified of the base pay increases yet? My location just jumped from $19 starting to $21.50. Any location's base pays different? My ETL-HR mentioned that he saw some locations at $20.50... Thoughts? Our HRBP said it's for TL retention/staying competitive, among other things...
  7. J

    What does it take for a TL to be fired?

    Many of my coworkers have had issues with one of my team leads. I haven’t had much of an issue with her, but I am also one of the newer employees. They claim she just walks around the store and makes the team members do all the price changes when our ETL isn’t around. She did have one...
  8. F

    Food and Beverage TL

    Does anyone know if your team leave has been out on leave not due to COVID but other medical reason how long she has to come back.. She’s been gone since the end of March can she still come back as a team leave I know my ETL and SD are frustrated with her just wondering from a HR stand point how...
  9. S

    Getting the TL Job

    I've been interested in becoming a TL for a while. I'm looking to relocate now, but I pretty much wouldn't be able to afford moving if I couldn't get the pay raise that a TL position would give. I've applied to a few different openings I've found and I haven't heard anything back, yet, but...
  10. RandomTeamMember

    TL Development

    Hey y’all. I’m currently looking into hopefully working my way up to a TL. (Obviously due to Covid-19 my progression has slowed down a bit) Been working at Target for more than 2 years as a Beauty TM. I never thought I would ever be interested in doing anything like that kind of role and the...
  11. T

    I'm Lost! Not a TL but...

    Hello! I am a guest advocate and have been here for just over a year. I was mainly at guest service but my TL has started having me be a checkout advocate on the checklanes. I close 99% of the time I work and my TL will have me watch the front after they leave. I have to make sure the team is...
  12. T

    Help on building a routine?

    Hey TBR! I need some help developing a routine and ways on how to be a better lead to my team. I've been with Target for about 5 years, I was an unofficial Backroom TL for roughly a year and a half and was recently promoted to become the Food and Beverage TL. ASANTS, but my entire time with...
  13. T

    Archived Promoted to Market TL, what can I expect?

    Long story short, got promoted to Market Team Lead. Have been with Target for about 5 years, mainly in Backroom! Have led the team countless of times as the unofficial BRTL for a little bit, this involved Autofill, OPU, and Autofill replenishment on the floor. Any tips for me? I will be in the...
  14. D

    Archived Softlines/Style Team Lead questions?!

    What exactly do style team leads do? I have been asked if I was interested in a tl position but softlines at my store is terrible at the moment. I’m afraid if I end up getting the position everything is gonna fall back on me if some miracle doesn’t happen to fix softlines. Also i’ve been told...
  15. checklane01

    Archived TL says I’m taking too much time zoning

    So it’s my 3rd day in a new workcenter (consumables). I’ve been at Target and on the salesfloor before, just it’s at a different store now. I get in, look at the break out, work my 2 u-boats of freight, then backstock the remaining, all in an hour and a half. I do a light zone of the aisle...
  16. F

    Archived Job offer process

    What is the process and who does the job offer for you and how long should it take for them to do one?
  17. S

    Archived Being told to "Work faster"

    Okay. So I've been with Spot for about 4 years now. Started on truck and now I'm softlines. When I first started, I was told that I wasn't moving quickly enough, but once I got used to my job and felt more comfortable with what I was doing, I was fine. I got a good review my first year. I was...
  18. I

    Archived TM to TL questions!

    So I’ve been a electronics TM for 4 months as a minor. I plan on staying with target for a while since I’m going to community college for the next 4 years, and turn 18 in June. I really like target, yeah guests are annoying but, the environment in my store is great and I love my management. So I...
  19. I

    Archived Temp Quarter 4 Lead

    Does anyone know what a temporary quarter 4 team lead key carrier will make?
  20. I

    Archived Workplace Crush

    Gahhhh, I forgot that being a team lead has one pretty big can’t act on any crushes you have on people who aren’t TLs! I really like my guest service team member but I can’t take the risk of telling her and asking her to keep it a secret. Never know if she’d use it against me if...