Apex TV

Anyone else seen the Apex TV for $329 (it should be priced in store for $499)? Target pulled it from their website, but not before screen shots were saved. Guests are bringing in the printed screen shot trying to get the TV for that price. I'm guessing it was a target.com error and that is why they have pulled it from the website. My store does not (which I think is brand) price match target.com or other target stores. Grief.
correct target policy states that we do not match our owned prices from our website. if guest try to argue with you tell them the policy is available in target.com pricing policy. under the help tab....


The "Go-To" Guy
Its sad we can't match our own site, but it makes sense since its run by amazon. I wonder if we can price-match once the new target website rolls out...


not matching target.com is no different than us not matching nearby target stores (w.out rain check of course)