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Jun 12, 2011
Anybody else spend their day relocating their backroom?
wait what? did something happen to several stores? I have a reason for asking but first I want to know why this topic got started.
I heard it was global.
Serious issues in all the stores.
Happened at my store too! One of the overnight Sr TLs had to come in and update locations in the dairy cooler, the freezer, and in regular backroom aisles. He was there before my shift started and he was still there doing it when I was leaving. Wonder what happened and why?
Today was just a really, really rough day. Between callouts, no-call no-shows, constant backup, it was a long day. Our STL approved replacing/adding of hours today, which was a welcome change. Also, OT was approved. :spiteful:

When your DTL calls and says "this must get done", things WILL get done.
I heard it had something to do with the RIG batches, and that when instocks scanned the system deleted locations for some reason. Anyone hear anything different?
We had issues as well. I was scheduled to be the closing TL, then I get a call from my STL asking if I could come in early to help LOCU and reSTO aisles. Not a fun way to start the shift, then having to be the one to do Empty Location Reports for Light Duty and collecting the other reports to be filed. Oh well, hopefully it doesn't happen any time soon, or again.
Yep. Because of this, we scanned outs instead following the instock task list.
today was a nightmare, there was so many things that were messed up. and to top it off, someone started to update in a stockroom, and STILL found errors. today we had to go over what this TM had previously covered. while pulling CAFS and back stocking the merch from the night before.
I know friday when I went in there was an urgent message that said all the stores instocks teams were to not do the task and LOCU and STO all freezer/cooler/meat/pro locations and not do the normal task for the day.
Glad this was my weekend off.

Good, at my store it had to be one of the worst weekends, particularly bcus this was the weekend no timeoffs could be requested at my store, so we were shorthanded and all the sales floor had to backup for the most part of the day :p not to say that the backroom issues were more severe
We finished it all yesterday. All BR trained TMs were helping out.
I'm not sure about this, but we lost our power for several hours, so bye-bye most of the dairy products......
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