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Aug 10, 2013
So about two weeks ago this gstl came to our store to train. And he was on my ass about getting red cards....despite the fact that I consistently get them.
But this has been a thing recently...I get a lot of red cards and then I just get harassed more, which is making me seriously consider quitting. But anyways he told me a lie to get me to sell the idea of a red card better.
He told me you get 10 percent off the first time. And I've heard other team members use this line before, I've been only working here close to 3 months. My best friend used to work at the same target I did and she thought that with the credit red card you get 10 percent off the first time too.

Now..I ended up telling a customer this and he went to guest service afterwards and I got in trouble with my gstl who's usually in the store.

But what I don't understand is why apparently some people coach their team members to say this when it's a lie...?
She said the last time the red cards were like that were 5 years ago.
I feel dirty, disgusted, and I'm starting to really hate my job. Sometimes it's better not to push the red card at all because I don't get hounded as much as when I have and gotten a red card.

What's even worse is that a team member lied to an old lady and said the red card wasn't a credit card once, she signed up for it, used it, and racked up debt on it. I only know this story because the customer told me and she was upset about it. And I was depressed, pissed off, and I felt like throwing up. If my job literally becomes taking advantage of people to get my conversion score up I don't want to work anymore.

I feel like it's all so con artisty.
Jul 31, 2013
Your GSTL did not lie so much as he was mistaken. It used to be that guests got 10% off when they first opened the card. That has now changed. Unfortunately, there are many long time TMs who don't always get told these things. Since he is a new GSTL, he is probably one of those people. For all you know, he could have been promoted from back room TM to GSTL.... back room TMs are typically not told about front end changes. You need to let your current GSTL know about this so that he can teach him the current benefits of the red card. That is why he is in training.... to learn.

As far as the guest who "used the card and racked up debt" and then was pissed because she "thought" it wasn't a credit card. (no doubt after she bought tons of stuff she really liked....) Sorry, that is just stupidity on the guests part. Let's see, a little red piece of plastic that looks like a credit card, swipes like a credit card, and doesn't require any cash.... WTF did she think it was?

Maybe she thought that Target created a magical piece of plastic that let her go out and "rack up" purchases without ever having to pay for them? How long did she think this magical red thing would let her buy things for free without ever having to pay for them?

Sorry, I don't buy that line for one second. I have a feeling you are young, so let me tell you something us old guys have had to learn the hard way. 1. Just because someone is female doesn't mean they aren't fully capable of screwing people over. 2. Just because someone is old doesn't mean they can't be the biggest con artist on the planet. (FYI - the most common crimes that old people commit are theft and fraud. Statistics back this up. Never forget that)

Hate to tell you this, but she was a con artist.
Jan 1, 2012
Maybe she thought that Target created a magical piece of plastic that let her go out and "rack up" purchases without ever having to pay for them? How long did she think this magical red thing would let her buy things for free without ever having to pay for them?

YAH! Who does she think she is... the government??


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Jun 10, 2011
It's possible the old lady thought it was a debit card but then didn't she realize it wasn't coming out of her checking account?
I've heard cashiers sell the damn things as loyalty cards (I'm not kidding) that get you 5% off and then doing more explaining when they got the bite.
It's possible that's all she remembered -- but still.

And I have to go with stateoftarget, I know it's tough but sometimes you have to challenge upwards.
You knew that the 10% wasn't true and if you looked the guy in the eye and said it, you would have been fine.
As long as you weren't nasty, aggressive, or belligerent and appear to be trying to provide information as long as the person isn't a total smeghead you will be fine.
If they are a smeghead then you just go with them to a real gstl and get is straightened out.


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Aug 21, 2013
Great idea put to rest...I really don't know why because it would help with signups ^.^ at least give people more incentive to get one

It kinda makes me think what is target gonna do in 10-20 years ago when checks are gone :D
Aug 10, 2013
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@CommieCorvus @StateofTarget11 Yes, she said something about it being a special rewards cards for seniors. :/
She didn't tell me much specifically, but I could tell she was being honest with me just through the look in her eyes. She wasn't angry but kind of upset.

I thought the 10% was true, because even my best friend who worked at target less than half a year ago was trained to say the same thing. And that GSTL I would have told another GSTL about if it wasn't for the fact that he was only training at our store for a day. A new store is opening up elsewhere in our state and I think they bounced him around a couple of stores to see how it's like.

But he basically went up to me and told me "Are you telling them they save 10 percent off the first time?" and I was like "...No." and he said "That's why you're not getting as many red cards." Which prompted me to start using that line that got me in trouble yesterday.

There's really no way to get in contact with him because I haven't seen him since and I think he went to work for the other store already.

I've been applying to other places because my store is kind of horrible when it comes to training TM's, I was trained incorrectly, I didn't finish my lesson plan, I was barely told about the red cards, and it's not a good environment when one of our GSTL's will actually hold it against us if we don't get a red card.

For example, if we press that we need something like change, bags, or whatever, she'll give it to us but then she'll be like "I fulfilled your request now fulfill mine." and for the rest of the time you're there she'll give you a haughty attitude.
It really isn't cool when about 60% of the people who come in to our store already have one or just don't want one because they get points and freebies on their other cards.

I don't mean to complain but the way I'm often treated in my store is that getting bullseyes are what's important and customer satisfaction is last and it really makes you jaded when you get customers who consistently roll their eyes, talk bad about you to their spouse saying 'I was wondering when she would bring up the red card' in a disgusted tone, and the people who will glare at you and say 'not interested' it really makes you hate your job.

So it feels like I'm losing on both sides. I don't get to provide good customer service or as good as I would like to, and if I meet store goals I feel shitty about it.


I'm sorry that the guest was confused, but that happens lots of times because the guests don't listen to anything but, "save 5%."

It may feel as if you are losing on both ends, but if you're doing your job correctly- educating each and every guest about the REDCard - then you'll win on both sides. You'll get lots of REDCards for your store and your guests will be saving money on the stuff they buy, saving money on shipping fees, and donating money to their schools. The purpose behind the card is to give the guest the lowest possible price when they're shopping at Target. Believe that you're doing them a favor by offering it to them.

I know that Target also benefits from REDCards, but if you're going to be a successful Target TM, then you have to do your job by offering the RC to every guest.
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