Challenging your STL

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  1. Have your STL ever made a downright stupid business decision? You then pulled him/her to the side and gave them feedback?

    I had a conversation with my STL about the team dropping the ball on their tasks simply because he wants them to focus on his, this was happening too frequent and I constantly kept falling behind on my daily routines.

    So he concluded that he sometimes let his passion get the best of him and vowed to stop, instead proceeding to ask what my team's plan is before pulling them.
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  2. soyaxo

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    I haven’t had that problem yet with my STL but am not sure I will to be honest. He’s been with Spot 22 years, though.
  3. HRZone

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    Mine has been with target longer than I have been alive but she's humble enough to admit when she's wrong.
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  4. Yes, if done the right way, and your relationship with your superior has been for some time (opposed to you being there for 3 months and telling everyone how to run the show), most of those I have spoken to appreciate the feedback and even tell you so.
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  5. NPC

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    Challenge your STL as often as needed. They're no match for your Blue Eyes White Dragon.
  6. Yes, I have. He is a huge person physically, and I know that intimidates people. I basically let him know that he was a puss for not learning how to ring at Starbucks. So, after many years of hiding, he came over. He survived.

    I think that if you have an intelligent, non-emotional conversation, most people are receptive. Most, if not all, STL's are bright, educated people.

    He's a great guy. Once he came up behind me when I was cashiering. I looked over and said, "Sheesh. Move over, you're blocking the sun." He can definitely take a joke, and he truely was blocking the light.
  7. I don't care. It's their store, not mine
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  8. signingminion

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    Yup, probably more than he'd like but he takes it well as he values my honest opinion without any embellishment of ass kissing.
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  9. Ours is never here enough to actually talk to.
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  10. Pale

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    That's nothing against my Neo Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon!!!
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  11. Our new STL has been at our store for about two months. I've seen them maybe 3 times. The general feeling of the store is that they are just punching their ticket and will be gone before their time is up.
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  12. You have to wonder how well the stores would run without a STL? On average I see ours once a week.
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  13. it depends on the stl. had some who accept criticism. others absolutely don't.

    there are still times i disagree, but its their store, they can run it how they want.
  14. HRZone

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    To be fair to stls, they do a lot behind the scenes. They often take a lot of work home.

    A good stl shouldn't be micro managing team members. Their job is to enable the ETLs and team leads to empower you.

    I love an stl who will get dirty with the team and help push or grab carts but really they shouldn't need to do that
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  15. CoquiAzul

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    Agreed. It's easy to judge people when you don't understand their role or work load.
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  16. StaticSun

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    I had my share of STLs. One of which was humble enough to joke around and take feedback as well as give. He was a funny guy.
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  17. My old ETL Food use to challenge my old STL all the time about what was Target brand..... it got to the point where they couldn't stand each other and the old STL got rid of the ETL Food by making her transfer..... smh now our food side is a hot mess with the new ETL Food..... so glad that STL is gone....ran the store to the ground and we became a super red focus store
  18. I used to challenge both my STL and Senior Merch. I called a stupid idea stupid (always behind closed doors). I would send tons of stuff pushed incorrectly to our offsite warehouse to be backstocked, only to find the STL then sent it right back to the store with explicit instructions to push it back out - even though all locations were full - and yell at me about the poor zone in those area and how it was from MY mismanagement. Neither him nor the Senior Merch took kindly to me challenging them back. Probably why they were in the process of performancing me out. I left with my head held high with another job before they could complete their plan - and everybody in the store missed me (nobody really liked either of them).
  19. oath2order

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    I get to challenge my STL about him wanting to downsweep the beverage wall shelves, in that I have to challenge him that it's physically impossible.
  20. Goodness, I can't believe that anyone would think that's a good idea.